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Sprint has been pushing its postpaid unlimited plan for years. However, there are some Sprint prepaid plans that are available for people who bring in their own phone, or purchase a phone at full price from Sprint itself. In this article, we go over what Sprint prepaid plans are available, which also includes data-only plans for tablet devices.

Sprint Prepaid Unlimited Plans

Currently, Sprint prepaid plans with unlimited data are only offered over the phone or if you visit one of the carrier’s brick-and-mortar stores. At the moment, Sprint prepaid plans fall in two categories. One is for $25 a month with AutoPay billing ($30 a month without AutoPlay), and it gives you unlimited talk, text and data.

The other plan costs $60 a month with AutoPay ($65 a month without AutoPay). This Sprint prepaid plan not only offers unlimited talk, text and data, but throws in free access to the ad-based Hulu premium video streaming service (normally $5.99 a month), along with 500MB of high-speed mobile hotspot data. You also get unlimited talk and text if you travel to Mexico and Canada, along with 5GB of 4G LTE data. If you have more than one line of service for your prepaid plan, you can currently get the second line for just $40 a month with AutoPay ($45 a month without AutoPay). The third, fourth and fifth lines are free under this current Sprint prepaid plans deal.

Sprint Prepaid Plans with limited data

At the moment, Sprint only offers one limited prepaid plan. This plan offers 2 GB of 4G high-speed data for $45 a month, or $40 with the AutoPay option. This plan still offers unlimited talk and text inside the US, along with unlimited international texting, and mobile hotspot data.

Sprint Prepaid phones

Sprint technically doesn’t sell smartphones that are labeled as prepaid anymore. You can still purchase affordable phones from Sprint at full price, but you will then need to go to a Sprint store, or call the company on the phone, to set the phone and line up for a prepaid plan. You can check out the list of phones from Sprint at the link below.

Sprint Unlimited prepaid tablet plan

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

If you own an LTE-capable tablet, you can also sign up for a prepaid unlimited data plan for those devices at Sprint. It costs $30 a month ($25 with AutoPay) and includes unlimited texting, along with 10 GB of mobile hotspot data support. Video streaming is limited to 480p resolution on this plan, along with limiting music streaming speeds to 500 Kbps, and streaming cloud gaming at 2 Mbps. Finally, customers can only sign up for this particular plan at one of Sprint’s retail stores; it is not available online.

Sprint SIM Kit

If you do bring your own unlocked phone and want to use Sprint’s network, you will have to purchase one of the carrier’s SIM kits. Sprint normally prices these kits at $9.99 but at the moment, the special promotional price is down to just $2.99. Keep in mind that only a limited number of phones work on Sprint’s network, so be sure your handset can support connecting to the carrier before you purchase the SIM Kit. Unfortunately, you have to go to a Sprint retail store to purchase the SIM Kit and have it activated to work on its network; it does not offer sales or activation online.

Sprint prepaid plans in the wake of upcoming T-Mobile merger

You may have heard that Sprint is planning to merge with the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier, T-Mobile. It’s likely that the company has decided not to heavily promote Sprint prepaid plans on its website, or via other advertisements because it plans to be bought by T-Mobile, which has its own prepaid plans. The merger is expected to close sometime in 2019, pending U.S. government approvals.

Sprint prepaid plans – Conclusion

As we mentioned, Sprint is deemphasizing its prepaid plans, and only making them available to customers who take the extra step of calling them on the phone or visiting a store. Your best bet is to check out other carriers, who have prepaid plans of their own.
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