Best Sprint prepaid plans

Sprint has been pushing its postpaid unlimited plans for years. However, there are some prepaid plans on Boost Mobile that are available for people who bring in their own phones or purchase a phone at full price from Boost itself. In this article, we go over what Sprint prepaid plans are available, including data-only plans for tablet devices.

Boost prepaid unlimited plans

So, as we briefly mentioned above, Sprint prepaid unlimited plans don’t really exist anymore. All of the plans previously known as Sprint Forward now fall under the Boost Mobile umbrella. The switch actually occurred in October 2019, so there’s no confusing process to adjust to. 

On the bright side of the switch, Boost offers a variety of unlimited plans. You can choose from the Unlimited Gigs plan for $50 per month or go for the Boost Unlimited Plus for $60 per month. Both options include unlimited talk, text, and data, but the streaming quality improves, and Boost Unlimited Plus is 5G capable.

Sprint prepaid plans with limited data

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You may be noticing a theme here with no more Sprint prepaid plans, and it continues with the limited data plans. There is a no-contract option on Boost that offers 3GB of 4G LTE data for $35 per month, and it’s pretty much your only option. It offers unlimited music streaming, standard-definition video streaming, and you can add more data any time you need it.

Sprint prepaid phones

Sprint technically doesn’t sell smartphones that are labeled as prepaid anymore. You can still purchase affordable phones from Sprint at full price, but you will then need to go to a Sprint store or call on the phone to set the phone and line up for a prepaid plan. You can check out the list of phones from Sprint at the link below.

Sprint prepaid plans in light of the T-Mobile merger

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The Sprint and T-Mobile merger is finally complete two years after it was announced. Right now, this doesn’t make much difference for Sprint customers as stores and services will stay in operation for the foreseeable future. However, according to Sprint’s FAQ, everything will eventually evolve to T-Mobile. Virgin Mobile USA has also been rolled into the Boost Mobile umbrella which is passing from Sprint to Dish Network. We’ll keep up with the latest news from the merger as it happens.

Sprint prepaid plans – Conclusion

As we mentioned, Sprint has deemphasized its prepaid plans and moved control over to Boost Mobile. Your best bet is to check out other carriers that have prepaid plans of their own or explore the best Boost options.

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