I bet music enthusiasts and fanatics of the so-called PlayStation Phone, officially known as the Sony Xperia Play, would love to put a smile on their faces once they hear the good news. Sony’s Music Unlimited service, wherein you can have access to streaming music from the web, has been running on the PS3 for quite a while now. Most recently there has been an interesting development for followers of the Sony Xperia Play. Sony is soon set to make the Music Unlimited service available on Xperia Play. That would mean you won’t just be gearing up for immersive gaming anymore, but can also now let loose with unlimited music on the move with your new Xperia Play.

Sony has already announced that the Music Unlimited service will be available soon on the Xperia Play. The question now remains – will it be exclusive to Sony Android smartphones only? Or, will it be also available to other Android phones? As of the present time, there are no clues yet if Sony will make it limited only to their Android phones. Thankfully, there still exists the possibility that it will be made available to other Android phones. If in case it would be made available, most likely it would be via an application for any different device. Either way, let’s hope and keep our fingers crossed.