Snapchat has long offered what it calls Lenses: those silly animated overlays that cover your face and make you look like a cat or help you vomit a rainbow. Up until now, Lenses were a fun way to change your look and share the goofy image with friends.

Now, Snapchat has taken the concept behind Lenses and created augmented reality games called Snappables. Check out the video below:

The video depicts people playing Snappable games like a Galaga-clone where you control your ship using your head movements. There’s also a weight-lifting contest where you control the weights with your eyebrows instead of your arms, and a chewing gum game where you virtually blow bubbles until it pops all over your face.

While you will undoubtedly look pretty goofy playing these games (as the video makes painfully clear), they do look like a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing your friends play Snappables soon and bowling over with laughter.

You can head to the Play Store to grab the latest Snapchat update:

Recent updates

Snapchat update brings 60-second multi-snap videos to Android

October 25, 2017: You can now record up to 60 seconds of video in the form of six 10-second long snaps and send them all at the same time. This feature had been available on the iOS version of the app for a while but finally arrived on Android. When you’re recording a video on Snapchat, just continue holding down the record button when you hit the 10-second time limit. It’ll then immediately start recording another video and show a thumbnail at the bottom for each multi-snap segment.

Explore and learn more about places you see on Snapchat with Context Cards

October 10, 2017: Snapchat has introduced Context Cards that gives you more information about the places you see in your friend’s snaps. It will allow you, for instance, to swipe up on a picture of amazing food taken at a nearby restaurant to see other people’s reviews, get the address, reserve a table through third-party apps, and request a ride from Uber or Lyft right inside the app.The new feature is born out of a partnership with TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, goop, and more.

Snapchat update brings a color changing Tint Brush, multi-Snap recording coming soon

July 18, 2017: Snapchat has introduced a few new features that will soon make their way to Android and iOS. For starters, there’s a new Tint Brush that’s rolling out to both Android and iOS today, while a new Multi-Snap recording feature is coming to Android “soon”.

Now you can embed links, change your voice, and add backdrops to your Snaps

July 5, 2017: Snap Inc. is rolling out a new update to its image messaging with three new features: Paperclips, Backdrops, and Voice Filters. Paperclips essentially introduces the ability to embed links to external websites within your Snaps. Backdrops are similar to the AR filters that Snapchat already offers, but instead of the camera detecting your face, you get to cut out the objects you want in the foreground. Tap the scissors icon, trace around the main object, and apply the Backdrop you like. Finally, Voice Filters let you change your voice when sending Snap videos.