Got your Google Pixel or Pixel XL? It’s time to protect it, but we know many of you are not fond of bulky cases. Not to mention that you may want something that looks niftier and better fits your personality. Slickwraps is known for its quality skins and they have just released a line of covers for the new Google Pixel smartphones.

There are 9 available protectors for each version of Google’s Pixel line. These are the Carbon, Metal, Wood, Color, Leather, Glitz, Stone, Hemp and Naked series. Most of these also come in multiple variations, as well, offering unique designs and colors. You can even choose whether you want Google logo inserts or not.


Slickwraps is for those who want to keep their phones shiny while making them look unique and maintaining a thin profile. With that said, you should keep in mind these won’t do too much to help against drops, submersion and harsh conditions. After all, these wraps are just a film over the actual phone. If you want something stronger you need to look elsewhere.

Still want one? All these covers cost $14.60, except for the Naked series wraps, which go for $18.95. Those interested can go ahead place their orders now. Are any of you signing up? Which cover are you going for?

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