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Keep an eye on SKYWORTH at CES 2020

One of the world's top TV makers will cause a splash at CES 2020. SKYWORTH has big plans in store for January in Las Vegas.

Published onDecember 20, 2019


You probably know that CES 2020 is coming up soon, and if you’re anything like us it means you’re excited. Top companies, shiny new gadgets, and big reveals of all kinds for four straight days. It’s the best time of year for tech companies to make a splash on one of the biggest stages. SKYWORTH is one of those global companies looking to make a US impact, and lucky for you we have all the details you need to follow SKYWORTH at their CES press conference.

Now, first off: what even is SKYWORTH? The short answer is SKYWORTH is one of the largest global tech companies that you’ll likely soon become familiar with. It’s already been around for over 20 years, and you may remember that last year during CES it launched a massive 88-inch OLED TV. SKYWORTH is a household name in China and it is one of the top names globally; beating companies such as Panasonic and Toshiba in television market share.

SKYWORTH already makes premium TVs and powerful smart home products for numerous markets, and it’s already announced that it’s launching two new premium TVs at CES. We’re really excited to see first-hand how those products help families control their smart homes using SKYWORTH’s Smart World AI / IoT technology that it calls Swaiot.

Just Swaiot we’re looking for

The SKYWORTH TV launch event.

Terrible pun aside, what exactly is SKYWORTH doing with the Swaiot technology? Well quite simply, it wants to integrate it into all of the technology we use every day in order to create the ultimate smart home. All of your smart devices would be linked together and your TV would act as the central control hub for everything you want to do.

You wouldn’t be limited to only using your smart home when the TV is on though. SKYWORTH has developed a TrensAI assistant that works by voice command whether your monitor is turned on or on standby. It’s smart enough to understand imperfect commands too, so you can give quick commands and your home does the rest. It relies on AI learning to recognize the members of your family and even respond with far-field recognition if you’re commanding from afar.

There’s no place like smart home

SKYWORTH Smart Home Showcase

Just because you have a SKYWORTH Swaiot system doesn’t mean you can only use SKYWORTH products. You can connect your existing Amazon and Google smart devices to create the ultimate smart home network. However, SKYWORTH does make a full arsenal of smart products including refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners so you can control your whole house with your voice. You’re not only controlling the house with your voice, but you can also access tons of new information straight through your TV with the Swaiot system. It opens up far more possibilities than simple voice-activation.

Movies about the future are awesome, but SKYWORTH wants to make that future your reality. Imagine coming home to a smart kitchen that listens to your commands, a smart bathroom that can warm up your tub, or even smart lighting for movie night ambiance.

What’s in store for CES?

CES Las Vegas 2019

Now that you’re properly excited by the potential of SKYWORTH, what is it planning this year? Last year, it launched its 88-inch Swaiot powered television, and this year SKYWORTH is making its announcements at a press conference on January 5 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. SKYWORTH plans to detail the 2020 products and meet with members of the media.

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