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How to see posts you liked on Facebook

Find out what posts you were liking over a year ago.
August 9, 2023

If you have had your Facebook account for a lengthy period of time, you have most likely given a ‘like’ to a lot of posts. This is a user’s way of liking the content (obviously), acknowledging they have seen the post, or even bookmarking the post to find it later. But if you have racked up hundreds or even thousands of likes, how can you go back and see the posts you liked on Facebook last week, last month, or last year? We can turn to the Activity Log for that.


To see the posts you liked on Facebook, go to the Activity Log. On the desktop, click your profile avatar at the top-right corner of the screen and go to Settings & privacy > Activity log. On the Facebook mobile app, tap the settings menu at the bottom-right of the screen. Then tap the settings cog at the top-right. Scroll down to Your Facebook information and select Activity log.


How to see posts you liked on the Facebook app

Predictably, Facebook makes you jump through lots of hoops on their app. Many more than on the desktop site.

  • Start by tapping the More menu at the bottom-right of the screen, followed by the settings cog at the top-right of the screen.
  • Scroll all the way down to Your Facebook information and tap Activity log.
  • Then scroll to the bottom of that screen and select View Activity History.

Don’t get excited; you’re not finished yet. On the Activity history page, tap Filters.

facebook mobile app activity log filters

Now choose Categories.

facebook mobile app activity log two filters

In the next menu, tap Interactions. Wow, this is exhausting.

facebook mobile app activity log likes reactions

Tapping Interactions drops down another menu. From there, select Likes and reactions.

facebook mobile app category likes reactions

Finally, you have arrived at your likes page. Here, you can see your likes, as well as be taken to the post page, and unlike the post, if you want to do that.

facebook mobile app likes reactions screen

How to see posts you liked on the desktop Facebook site

By contrast, accessing your liked posts on the desktop Facebook site is a breath of fresh air. Click your profile avatar at the top-right, and go to Settings & Privacy > Activity log.

desktop facebook activity log option

In the left-hand sidebar, drop down the Interactions menu and select Likes and reactions.

desktop facebook likes mentions menu option

And there it is. Unlike the mobile app, this takes you literally 10 seconds.

desktop facebook likes and mentions page

You can click the three-dot button on the right to unlike the post. You can also mass-delete posts on this page.

desktop facebook unlike post

Can others see posts I liked on Facebook?

This was something that was possible in the past. However, due to Facebook‘s supposed aim of “improving user privacy” (insert sarcastic laugh here), it is no longer an option for others to see your liked posts.

The only exception is when a post that you liked also appears on someone else’s feed organically. In other words, if they post something and you like it, they’ll see you liked it. Or if you are both following the same page or same group, you and they will see posts where one or both of you liked it.

But if you follow different people, different pages, and different groups? Then others won’t see those likes.


Yes. Just click the like button again on that post, and your previous like will be removed. Or go to the liked post in the activity log, and there is an option there to unlike the post.

If the number of likes is not the same as the number of users that you see after clicking the likes number, it means one of them has blocked you, or you blocked them, or they have deactivated their profile.