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I don’t usually use a screen protector on my smartphone. To me, the oleophobic coating on screen protectors is never as good as the coating that comes on the phone, and I usually take pretty good care of my devices anyway. But the Pixel 2 XL is $850 and I don’t want to mess it up anytime soon.

The problem is, there’s an astonishingly small amount of quality screen protectors—both film and tempered glass—for the Pixel 2 XL. Browsing around on Amazon, it’s hard to find one with good reviews. Then I stumbled across Whitestone’s Dome Glass screen protector, which I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

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The installation process is a bit tedious, but I’ve been very happy with this screen protector so far. It fits perfectly on the phone, and there are no bubbles to be found. It also plays nicely with cases, which is surprisingly something you need to watch out for when buying a screen protector.

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