On stage at its big hardware event today, Google only briefly mentioned its new lineup of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL cases. However, there are a pretty good amount of official cases and accessories available for the new phones, which we’re going to round up in this post.

Here are the brand-new Google Pixel 2 accessories.

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Google Pixel 2 Fabric Case

If you were a fan of Google’s fabric cases for the Nexus 6P and 5X, you’ll love these. Made with tailored, unique fabric, this case has a knit exterior and a soft microfiber liner that will have no problems protecting your phone. You can get it from the Google Store for $40.

Google Earth Live Case

Google’s new Earth Live Cases bring some pretty incredible looking Earth view landscapes to your new Pixel 2. Plus, the companion app updates your phone’s wallpaper with a new landscape every day. Right now there are only two designs to choose from, but we’re sure Google will add more in the future.

Google Earth Live Cases are available now for $50.

Google Live Case

Google’s wonderful Live Cases are back, this time for the Pixel 2. Featuring a hard exterior shell, you can customize these cases with an image of your choosing, a piece of modern artwork, or even a stylized map of a place that matters to you.

Live Cases for the Pixel 2 are available now for $40.

Otterbox Defender Series

Everyone knows the Otterbox name, and for good reason. Otterbox has made a name for itself for creating high-quality, protective cases for smartphones, and the Pixel 2 isn’t being left out of the mis. The Otterbox Defender features a polycarbonate shell and rubber slipcover to help protect your phone from drops and scratches.

This case is coming soon to the Google Store for $49.95.

Power Support Air Jacket

Need something to protect your phone from scratches but doesn’t add a ton of bulk? You might want to try this Power Support Air Jacket case for your new Pixel 2. Its clear polycarbonate actually has a self-healing coating to help keep nicks and scratches at bay.

This case is available now for $34.95.

Bellroy Leather Case

If you need something a little classier, the Bellroy Leather Case might be the one for you. It’s slim, made of flex polymer, environmentally certified leather, and comes with a microfiber lining to keep your phone free of scratches. Oh, it also comes with a three year warranty.

This leather case is available for $45.

Moment Photo Case & Wide Lens Kit

Not only will this one protect your phone with its grippy case, it also adds a wide-angle lens to your Pixel 2’s camera to help fit more into each picture. It also comes with a lens cap and microfiber bag so you can keep it protected when you’re not using the camera.

This case is a little pricey, however. It’s available now at the Google Store for $129.99.

Power Support Tempered Glass Film screen protector

The Pixel 2 may feature a screen with Gorilla Glass 5, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely protected by scratches. This tempered glass screen protector will protect your Pixel 2’s screen from scratches, dust, and dirt. It also has a special coating to help eliminate prints and smudges.

This screen protector is listed as coming soon at the Google Store for $39.95.

That wraps up the list of official Pixel 2 cases. Which one are you buying? Let us know in the comments.

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