interbrand 2016

Interbrand released its annual ranking of the world’s best brands and Samsung not only kept its position, but managed to increase its estimated brand value by 14 percent compared to last year.

Technology companies continue to dominate Interbrand’s ranking, with six out of the top ten most valuable global brands being active in the tech sector.

The most valuable global brand in 2016, according to Interbrand, was Apple. The iPhone maker’s estimated brand value increased 5 percent, up to $178.11 billion. Google came in second, with an estimated value of $133.25 billion (11% growth), while Coca Cola ranked third, followed by Microsoft and Toyota.

IBM, Samsung, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, and General Electric filled out Interbrand’s top 10.

Despite the bad publicity generated by the Note 7 recall (and its insidious side effects on Samsung’s other products), Samsung managed to keep its rank (#7) and increase its brand value by 14 percent, up to $51.8 billion. The Korean conglomerate’s growth rate is one of the fastest in the tech sector, though Facebook, Amazon and Adobe outperformed it in 2016.

Samsung ready to put the Note 7 recall behind it, worldwide sales to resume "soon"

Samsung’s good performance suggests that the brand impact of the Note 7 recall could be relatively minor, thanks to Samsung’s good reputation and massive scale.

This is the 17th global brand ranking published by Interbrand. The UK-based consultancy uses a combination of financial analysis, consumer research and brand analysis to determine the most valuable 100 brands in the world.