iPhones are everywhere you look in the United States, but American customers are the most satisfied with a phone from Samsung.

The Galaxy Note 5 leads the user satisfaction ranking in the prestigious American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Telecommunication report. Every year, the University of Michigan-affiliated ACSI interviews roughly 80,000 Americans from all walks of life to gauge how happy they are with everything from mobile devices, to their banks or healthcare providers.

This year the Galaxy Note 5 came on top, with 86 points, beating Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus (85) and iPhone 6S (83), as well as two other Samsung devices, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 4 (both with 84).

acsi customer satisfaction survey

Looking at the entire ranking, there’s a couple of interesting observations we can make.

First, the only device from top ten that is not a Galaxy or an iPhone is the Moto G (the version is not specified, but probably the 2015 model). HTC’s Desire 626 and LG’s G4 barely make top 20. This domination speaks volumes about the lead that Samsung and Apple have in the market, but also reflects the two companies’ marketing budgets. With annual marketing budgets in the billions, Samsung and Apple are in a league of their own.

Second, the Galaxy S6 only took the tenth place, while the S6 Edge ranked eighth. The two smartphones were considered Samsung’s return to form, but customers are actually happier with the Galaxy Note 4, which kept the removable battery and microSD card. That said, the Note 5, which is similar to the Galaxy S6/Edge in terms of features and construction, fares particularly well.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a breakthrough for Samsung. Its phones have beaten iPhones in the ACSI survey for years now – see the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 4.

To be fair, Apple is actually first overall in the ACSI index, with 81 points, followed by Samsung with 80 points, and Motorola with 77 points.

acsi customer satisfaction survey 2

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