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We asked, you told us: Samsung and OnePlus should launch 'Mini' flagships

Readers would be more comfortable with a Galaxy S30 Mini than a OnePlus 9 Mini, though.

Published onOctober 28, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs OnePlus 8T 3
David Imel / Android Authority

We’re firmly in the age of big smartphones with big displays and there aren’t many compact device options left for Android fans. Yes, we now have devices with roomy screens and massive batteries, but some users just want a phone that’s comfortable to use.

Even for Android users, the iPhone 12 Mini was a breath of fresh air. And with the rumored early launches of the OnePlus 9 line and Samsung Galaxy S30 series, we asked Android Authority readers in two recent polls whether each firm should launch mini variants of their own. Here’s what you told us.

Would you like to see a Galaxy S30 Mini?

Two polls, two manufacturers, and two completely different sets of opinions. Let’s talk about the latter first. The poll results are as one-sided as you’ll see on Android Authority. A massive 88.3% of voters want Samsung to launch a Galaxy S30 Mini or an equivalent compact flagship. Just 11.7% of users are against this idea.

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For Samsung, it wouldn’t be breaking new ground either. The firm has launched mini flagships before – remember the Galaxy S5 Mini? More recently, the Galaxy S10e proved that compact flagships can coexist with larger devices. We loved the Galaxy S10e, but a phone that should’ve been an easy sell fetched the lowest demand in the S10 lineup. Arguably, it’s a chief reason why we didn’t see a Galaxy S20e and probably why the Galaxy S20 FE took its place instead.

Should there be a small OnePlus 9?

Samsung’s skepticism is matched by voters on our OnePlus 9 poll. Unlike Samsung fans who are convinced the firm should debut a Galaxy S30 Mini, readers are more hesitant about a OnePlus 9 Mini. 51% of voters believe that there should be a small OnePlus 9 variant, with a 49% portion voting against this. Although it’s much closer than the Samsung poll, it’s still a vote in favor of a small form factor.

We should remember that smaller phones do have their tradeoffs. Constrained by dimensions, manufacturers would need to either fit a smaller battery or increase the phone’s thickness to compensate. Our readers believe battery life is the one thing going against smaller phones, and even Redmi agrees.

Despite this, the Mini gives potential iPhone 12 buyers more options. With screen sizes ranging from 6.68-inches to 5.4-inches, there’s an option for almost every user. It’s this variety that some Android device lines sorely miss, and you tend to agree.

Here’s what you had to say

  • Guy_Jorgen_Gold: The smaller form factor and the fast charging are the most important to me.
  • bjrg: Small phone is a possibility now since Apple has come up with one.
  • Dahlia Samar: You’re glancing over at the battery life which I’d argue, is the single most important factor to consider when making or buying a phone as small as the 12 mini. I’m currently using the s10e and the battery life is bad, and this isn’t coming from a ‘power user’ point of view.
  • Lucible: I’m an S10e user and I honestly don’t know what I’ll buy next. I want a small, fairly high-end device (small hands and I want to be able to use a phone one-handed when necessary) but I’m not interested in migrating back to the Apple ecosystem. An S30e would be ideal.
  • pda96: Samsung is sorely missing a 5.8″ phone in its lineup. Not everyone wants a huge phone.
  • DrcspyNz: Sony did the mini phones long ago and they were very good. Another foolish marketing decision when they stopped making them.

That’s it for this double poll! Thanks to everyone who voted and commented on each. If you have any further comments about a Galaxy S30 Mini, a OnePlus 9 Mini, or the results of either poll, be sure to drop a line below.