As many smartphones struggle to find their place in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is reportedly doing quite well in terms of sales when compared to the first month it was available.

According to a report from EconoTimes (via SamMobile), Samsung managed to sell an impressive 230,000 units of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in March, which is a 56.1% jump over February.

Of course, there are some caveats to those exciting sales numbers. First of all, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was only available for part of February, which is a shorter month already. That means it had far more days in front of consumers in March, which implies that it should sell more.

Another thing that could have caused the bump in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sales is the wider availability of the device. In February, the device was only available in select countries, but as March rolled on, it came out in more international markets.

Still, it’s good to see that phone is on an upwards trajectory, but a bigger test will be comparing the phone’s March sales to April. If there’s still an upward trend, it appears Samsung might be onto something with its clamshell smartphone.

Currently, the closest competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the Motorola Razr, and that phone isn’t seeing nearly the same level of success. In fact, Motorola appears to be responding to the disappointing sales by offering the $1,500 phone on a buy one get one free basis for a limited time.

Of course, it helps that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hasn’t had widespread hardware defects, unlike the Motorola Razr.