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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series features: Here's what it can do

Samsung packs a ton of tools onto users' wrists.

Published onJanuary 2, 2024

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on a user's wrist displays the app screen.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Following the success of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series arrived with another lineup of fantastic smartwatches. Since then, Samsung launched an even newer lineup, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series, along with an updated Wear OS.Fortunately, that software has also rolled back to older devices so there’s a lot of crossover when comparing the Galaxy Watch 5 vs 6. Below, we cover everything you need to know about the features you’ll find on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 features at a glance

A Pro model displays a vibrant floral watch face.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Launched in July 2022, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series parlays the Wear OS platform into two of the best smartwatch experiences available. Shoppers can choose either a base model Galaxy Watch 5, (in 40mm or 44mm), or a 45mm Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for an even more durable device. Regardless of which model you choose, Samsung offers the same core features.

In addition to basic functions like customizable watch faces and notification support, the watches provide everything from access to voice assistance to a rich library of third-party apps through the Google Play Store. With built-in microphones and speakers, they even allow users to make and receive phone calls.

Of course, the devices aren’t just smartwatches, they’re also highly capable fitness and health companions as well. With a bevy of sensors, the devices keep tabs on all the usual suspects regarding health and activity tracking. Both models also feature built-in GPS for tracking your outdoor workouts. The Pro model adds a few more niche features for outdoor enthusiasts that we’ll dig into further below.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is compatible with Android phones and pairs particularly well with Samsung ones. Like the previous generation, the series is not compatible with iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Excellent build and comfort • Improved battery life • Solid GPS accuracy
MSRP: $279.99
Subtle upgrades make a huge difference
The Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatch offers a bigger battery, more sturdy body, and more comfortable fit than its predecessor. It supports Google Assistant and Google Maps navigation, while a body composition monitor, skin temperature sensor, and improved sleep tracking makes for an impressive health-tracking product.
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44mm, Bluetooth
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ProSamsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
AA Editors Choice
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
Up to 2 days battery life • Advanced sleep tracker • Fast Charging
MSRP: $449.99
Samsung's first adventure watch is a winner
Building on the Galaxy Watch 5's base with a much hardier body, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also features multiple health and fitness tracking tools, a bigger battery, and a better navigation system. All these improvements make for a great all-round smartwatch whether you're in the boardroom or out on the trail.

Smartwatch features

A user places a call from their Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

In 2022, we crowned the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 as the best smartwatch of the year because of the well-rounded experience it offers. Key to that experience is the line’s powerful Wear OS and robust smartwatch feature set. Not only does the device feature useful native apps such as Samsung Health, but the Google Play Store’s app library includes the largest collection of third-party tools available on a wearable that Apple doesn’t make.

Short of Apple, the Google Play Store offers the biggest library of third-party apps available, making the Galaxy Watch 5 series highly customizable.

Via the Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series users can add all the staple features you can think of, from Google Wallet to Spotify to third-party watch faces. The devices will automatically install apps from your paired phone, so you don’t have to dig around for your favorite tools. Google Assistant, on the other hand, is baked right into the device, so you can ignore Bixby right out of the box.

Users will also find app notifications, on-wrist phone call support, digital payment support (including Samsung Pay), and onboard music storage, plus daily task tools such as calendars and alarms. Like on the Galaxy Watch 4 and 6, the Watch 5 will mirror your paired phone’s settings, such as do not disturb, to streamline your devices. Meanwhile, anyone in the Samsung ecosystem can utilize SmartThings integration to control smart devices in their home. Samsung phone owners can also use the watches as remote smartphone camera controllers.

Health and fitness features

A user reviews the available workouts on their Pro model.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

As mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series brings an expected health and fitness tracking lineup to users’ wrists. Old fans will recognize the same “BioActive” sensor array found on the Galaxy Watch 4. This package features three sensors for monitoring heart rate, electrical heart signal, and body composition. The series also provides continuous blood oxygen monitoring with an SpO2 sensor as well as an ECG for monitoring heart health.

Unfortunately, only Samsung phone users can tap into the lineup’s complete health-tracking toolkit. The electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring are limited to these users only. Everyone else can still access the rest of their data, including everything from step count to workout tracking. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series devices feature more than 90 sports modes as well as reliable GPS accuracy.

The Galaxy Watch 5 series offers a robust health and fitness tracking platform, though the best experience is had by Samsung phone users.

The series was also the first of Samsung’s to offer an infrared skin temperature sensor used for monitoring users’ body temperature fluctuations. This data can help identify early warning signs of potential sickness and provide more detailed cycle tracking for women. Shoppers can also find this temperature sensor on wearables the newer Galaxy Watch 6 series devices but the Galaxy Watch 5 series was the first time Samsung added this important tool to its arsenal.

The temperature sensor can also help Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series devices track more accurate sleep data. The series offers sleep scores, snore monitoring, and overnight SpO2 monitoring. Users can also tap into Samsung’s Sleep Coaching system which offers month-long personalized guidance for addressing sleep issues.

Anyone who opts for the pricier Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will find a few more advanced training features. First, the Pro model provides GPX route support. This allows users to display and download routes to the watch and record new routes while working out. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also features Track Back, a useful tool for outdoor enthusiasts. Track Back helps users find their way back to the starting point of hikes and runs. Last but not least, it also features turn-by-turn directions for cyclists and runners.


Absolutely. Running the same Wear OS as their newer siblings, Galaxy Watch 5 series devices are powerful wearables that can often be found on sale. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also still the most durable Galaxy Watch available.

All devices in the Galaxy Watch 5 series feature 5ATM water resistance ratings.

LTE models of the Galaxy Watch 5 series can make phone calls without a paired phone nearby. However, Bluetooth models require a paired phone nearby to make phone calls.