Following the bend test from earlier this week, Samsung has now released a drop test video showing the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge withstanding some massive impacts.

Prefacing the video with commentary on the various drop tests that are making the rounds, the company said on its Samsung Tomorrow blog that the results of the tests make it proud.

“A number of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge drop test videos have already been published, and as painful as it was to watch the beautiful Galaxy S6 and S6 edge bear the brunt of brutal drop-testing, most of the results made us proud.”

Samsung’s own drop test shows the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge surviving repeated drops on their backs, fronts, and edges, without suffering visible damage to the screen. Samsung mentions the strong aluminum frame and the construction of the devices as factors that help the S6 and S6 Edge ace drop tests.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect any phone maker to admit that its phones are prone to breaking. And it’s important to note that the results of this controlled drop test don’t mean your device won’t break the next time you drop it onto a tile floor. There are more factors at play than just the height of the drop, including the existence of weak points created by previous bumps and scratches, as well as the nature of the impact surface. Even Samsung admits in the video that its devices are not indestructible.

With this said, the various tests show that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are stronger than their glass build and thin profile would have you believe. This “slam test” video in particular, shows that the Edge can take a beating.