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You told us: You're torn about the Galaxy S22 Ultra as a Note replacement

Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy Note 22, readers do agree that features are more important than a name.

Published onOctober 6, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera housing close
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Judging by early leaked renders, Samsung could be about to meld key features from its long-standing Galaxy Note series with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The latter now showcases design traits we’d usually find on a Note, including flat top and bottom edges and a dedicated S Pen slot.

While readers admitted that the new design was growing on them in a poll we ran earlier this month, do they believe that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would be enough to replace the Note 22? We posed this question here, and the results are in!

Will the Galaxy S22 Ultra be enough to replace the Note 22?


This poll raked in just over 1,600 votes since it went live on September 30, and the results are remarkably close.

With 42.4% of the vote, most respondents believe that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will adequately replace the Galaxy Note 22. Not far behind, 35.9% believe otherwise, while only 21.7% of readers were on the fence.

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Those voting “no” likely believe that Samsung should keep its two flagship smartphone series separate. However, with the crunch of the chipset shortage hitting OEMs hard, that might not be possible. Now that crucial Note features, like S Pen support, are part of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Note’s no longer a unique offering. That said, readers don’t seem to care what Samsung calls its next flagship phone, provided it bears those core Note features and functionality.

Your comments

  • Tennisfreak: Samsung can call their phones whatever they want. But if the phone has a slot for a pen, and comes with a pen. IT’S A NOTE
  • DBS: For years now the Note was nothing but the Plus/Ultra with an S Pen. So merging the 2 just makes sense. In either case, unless Samsung makes a 180º turn in their current path of removing features, nothing will save the Galaxy S line from the pit it has sunk to. The S20 and S21 were huge flops and the S22 fixes none of the issues that caused them to flop (oversized screens across the board, no headphone jack, no expandable storage). So it’ll also be a flop. Whether Samsung fanboys like it or not.
  • ac: The line for the Note line has never been about what they named it. It has always been about the form and functionality with the S Pen. Samsung can call it whatever the f they want as long as it houses an s-pen and has all the features note owners would typically expect to have, including a microSD slot. True Note fans will buy it, as long as they are getting the same bang for their buck that they got with past Note lines.
  • Techngro: They’ve just moved most of the features of the Note line to their other high-end devices. Not a big deal. But for what it was, the original Note was a game-changer in the smartphone industry. Every bit as much as the first iPhone.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. If you have any additional thoughts about Samsung’s smartphone lineup or the results of this poll, drop a comment down below.

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