Leaked press renders of the Samsung Galaxy S10e. WinFuture

Today, on Twitter, images of what appears to be the Samsung Galaxy S10e popped up. Smartphone leaker Ishan Agarwal tweeted out three pics which give us what we think is our first look at a real-life Galaxy S10e.

To be clear, there is no source for these images. Even Agarwal doesn’t know where they came from. Therefore, you should look at these with the utmost scrutiny, as they could very well be fakes.

That being said, the images do look legit and match up with the renders we’ve seen previously.

Check out the images below:

In the first image, the Samsung Galaxy S10e appears to be on the right, with what we think is the Asus ZenFone 5Z on the left. As a side note, since 2018 was filled with generic-looking phones with big ol’ notches at the top, it took a while for us here at Android Authority to have any idea which phone was on the left. Even now, we’re still not totally sure.

Unfortunately, none of the images show the back of the S10e, which would be helpful in determining the authenticity of the leaks.

What do you think? Do the photos above depict the Samsung Galaxy S10e? If yes, is it looking good? If no, what do you think these images are? Let us know your theories in the comments!

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