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We asked, you told us: You don't think Samsung should kill the Note series

There's still a lot of love out there for the Galaxy Note series.

Published onDecember 7, 2020

samsung galaxy note 20 review hero
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Multiple recent reports have sounded the death knell for Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Some say Samsung will completely ditch the phablet line in 2021 while others insist there might be one last Note on its way out next year.

Based on these reports, we asked our readers what they think of Samsung merging the Galaxy Note series with the Galaxy S flagship line. We also asked our audience across YouTube, Twitter, and our website if they want Samsung to kill off the Galaxy Note series completely. Here are the results of both those polls.

Do you want Samsung to merge the Galaxy S and Note series?

Do you think Samsung should kill off the Galaxy Note series?


60.4% of the 1,238 Android Authority readers who voted in our first poll were opposed to the idea of Samsung merging the S and Note lineups. That opinion in favor of the Note series was further cemented by the results of our second poll.

Out of the nearly 25,360 votes across our website, YouTube channel, and Twitter page, 60.66% of Android Authority‘s audience said that they don’t think Samsung should kill off the Galaxy Note series. Meanwhile, 39.34% think that the company should abandon the phablet line.

The results were unanimous across all the platforms where we conducted the poll. Clearly, Samsung’s Note series still holds value in people’s hearts and minds even though the company is likely to port the S-Pen, one of its most defining features, over to the Galaxy S and Fold models.

That said, arguments can be made both in favor of the Galaxy Note series and against it. On one hand, the Note line pioneered big-screen phones and is considered the best of what Samsung has to offer. On the flip side, it’s hardly innovative anymore and an S-Pen might not be enough to justify its existence.

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Here’s what you had to say

  • Yassin Maamoun: I think if one of the galaxy S21s gets an S-Pen then it’s just a next-generation Note with a different name. So I don’t think it really matters what the device is called as long as consumers still get the option to buy it.
  • Ali Marwan: Note users know the S-Pen isn’t the only reason for buying a Note.
  • Carl Thomas: It’s a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, a huge part of the allure of the Notes is the boxy design which doesn’t look to be coming to the S series. Another big draw to the Notes is of course the S Pen, which rumors say won’t have an actual home inside the body of the S21 or the Z Fold 3 – that instead, the S-Pen will be sold separately or something. Now I’m hoping these latter rumors are false because if I have to remember to take my pen with me, one of the biggest selling points of the Note series is gone and I’ll probably jump ship to the Surface Duo since I already bring my Surface computer + pen around with me all the time.
  • Nostromo: If it means my getting a folding phone with an S-Pen and a flat-screen I’d approve of the Notes going away.
  • Demongornot: The more phones, the better, it is a no-brainer. Diversity is already at its lowest on the Android market, except few crazy phones like foldable or LG Wing, there never have been so few designs and feature diversity, the last thing we need is fewer phones.
  • PhoenixWitti: A Note by any other name is still a Note. And it sounds like that’s what Samsung is doing, so I voted “no.”
  • Mejustsayin: Do away with the note and there will be no reason to stick with Samsung phones.
  • D9: Before Sammy kills the Note line for its big fall release, they better do something about the $2,000 price tags and find some water resistance by way of an actual IP rating for their foldables or prepare for some serious disappointment, Lol.
  • Jim Duarte: If it’s so, I’d better start saving now so when that last Note is released, I can buy two, one to use and one to store until the first one dies! As several had mentioned, the “S” line would work, as long as Samsung provides a way to “charge & store” the S-Pen!
  • Aubin Baldonado: I will miss it but, we have to be honest after Note 9 innovations started to fall apart.
  • @red_tones: I like the Note series and I view it as the hallmark of what “peak” Samsung is. I’d hate to use a folding phone while cliff diving. It’s more of a preference choice than monetary.
  • @nypctechman: Samsung needs to get rid of and never bring back curved glass. Getting rid of the Note series would be a mistake, at least for now. The S series would have to have more functions built in to justify the move. But as a Note user, it’s almost time. A pen isn’t enough to justify it.
  • @thesam013: The Note Series pioneered the format of phones we have today, with bigger screens and better specs for all-around better performance. It should continue on

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