DJ Koh, Samsung Mobile’s chief, has today pledged to restore consumer faith in the Samsung brand following the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7.

Mr Koh said that he would “at any cost find the exact cause (of the faulty Galaxy Note 7) to restore [the] trust of consumers so that they can use Samsung products without any safety concerns,” reports The Korea Herald. Mr Koh also thanked Samsung employees for their support throughout this period, though the estimated billions of dollars that it has cost the company could see him lose his position.  

News that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had been spontaneously combusting led to an initial recall of the device before replacement units were dispatched. When reports that the replacements were also catching fire arrived, Samsung took the decision to discontinue the product entirely.

Meanwhile, DigiTimes reports that 90% of Taiwanese users returning the Galaxy Note 7 have exchanged it for a Galaxy S7 Edge instead, resulting in retailers running out of stock. Samsung Taiwan is said to be offering an NT$3,000 (~$95) gift certificate for returns of the Note 7 (in addition to the full refund) if users exchange it for another Samsung phone. Samsung offers something similar in the USA.

If you’re a Galaxy Note 7 who’s yet to return the device, follow our guide at the links above for some tips.