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Damaged Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Flip 4 screen? Here's the cost to replace it

The materials used to make the folding screens make them even more delicate.
March 9, 2023
samsung galaxy z flip 4 folded home screen
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Today’s foldable phones are certainly well-made, but the materials used to make folding screens are undoubtedly more delicate than standard slab-style phones. A cracked or otherwise damaged screen is not inevitable, but you should be prepared for it. This includes knowing where to go for repairs and knowing how much they will cost. For owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Flip 4, you might be curious about how much it costs to repair the folding display.

Samsung offers a repair subscription service called Samsung Care Plus. It can reduce the cost of repairing your Galaxy Z phone, but of course, you have to consider the cost of the plan. Let’s go over the basics of repairing your Fold or Flip, with or without the protection of Care Plus.


You may pay as much as $357 to repair the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4's inner display. You'll need to budget $219 for the Galaxy Z Flip 4's inner screen. To get low-cost repairs for a Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 with a damaged screen, join Samsung Care Plus. For $11 a month, you will keep yourself eligible for a screen repair that will cost, at most, $99.


How much does it cost to repair a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 screen?

The cost to replace or repair your new foldable’s screen depends greatly on whether you are paying on your own or through a Samsung Care Plus subscription. There are also two tiers of service: screen module replacement and screen repair.

If paying out-of-pocket

Screen module replacement means the screen, the metal bezel, and the battery will all be replaced. This will undo not only the screen’s damage, but the most likely forms of ancillary damage as well. Since it’s a swap-out of parts, it can also be dropped off in person and often be ready the same day. Here is the price structure for this service.

Samsung Foldable Screen Replace Cost No Insurance
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Repair service, which only replaces the front screen, costs less as you can imagine, but is not available for walk-in service. Here is the rundown for the Galaxy Z line.

Samsung Foldable Screen Repair Cost No Insurance 1
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Samsung Care Plus

Samsung’s subscription-based protection plan greatly reduces out-of-pocket costs in the event that you need repair or replacement. However, the $11-a-month plan lasts 36 months. That’s a total of $396—a little more than the cost of replacing a Flip 4’s screen out-of-pocket, but significantly less than the price of a screen replacement for the larger Fold 4. So the value of Samsung Care Plus depends on what model you bought. It also becomes far more of a bargain on the second repair or replacement. Speaking of which, Samsung Care Plus allows for up to three screen claims per 12-month period. It also imposes a $2,500 maximum value on each claim. Here’s the pricing structure for Samsung Care Plus. Keep in mind that both the Z Flip 4 and the Z Fold 4 are Tier 4 phones.

Samsung Foldable Screen Repair Care Plus Cost Table
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

As you can see, once you are covered by Care Plus, the cost of screen repair and replacement for your Samsung foldable plummets. A Fold 4 that needs its large inner screen replaced will incur a charge 80% less than without Care Plus.

Can I replace my screen for free with Samsung Care Plus?

Even if Samsung offered no-fee repairs with Care Plus, you would still be paying $11 a month to subscribe. So no, you cannot replace your screen for free with Care Plus. A full replacement will cost $99 on top of the cost of the plan, and a repair job will cost $29. Non-screen-related repairs carry no extra fee.

There is also a higher tier of Care Plus called Care Plus with Theft & Loss, which adds replacement for phones that go missing. The monthly fee is larger—$17.99 a month instead of $11—and the fee for replacement or repair jumps to $249. A look at the fee schedule tells us that this higher tier does not seem to be as good a value as the standard plan.

Samsung Foldable Screen Repair Care Plus With Theft and Loss Cost Table
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

The fact that you could, conceivably, have your Fold 4’s inner screen replaced nine times at $99 per replacement, for example, makes Samsung Card Plus worth considering, when you factor in the delicate nature of the new technology that folding screens represent.

Curious about fixing the Fold or Flip yourself? Check out our guide explaining Samsung’s self-repair program.


Yes. Samsung has specific Care Plus plans for people who bought their phones through third parties.

Regular, non-screen repairs carry no fee except your monthly Care Plus subscription.

No, the indentation is normal. It’s an unfortunate drawback of having a folding screen.