Someone playing PUBG Mobile on the Google Pixel 4

Mobile gaming has come a long way in the past few years, with games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile offering truly console-quality gameplay on smartphones. However, touch-screen controls have their limitations. No matter your skill level, any player would benefit from playing PUBG Mobile or any other mobile game with a controller.

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Unlike CoD Mobile, which offers support for several popular controllers, PUBG Mobile controller support is still limited more than two years after release. That said, there are some ways to enhance the experience. Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile controller support!

Does PUBG Mobile have controller support?

pubg mobile controller support
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

PUBG Mobile does not support the use of Bluetooth controllers on Android and iOS devices. There are ways to get around this with certain plug-ins and devices, but these are not officially supported and may lead to your account getting banned.

However, there is one way to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. Just load it up on your PC using a PUBG Mobile PC emulator like Tencent Gaming Buddy or Bluestacks. These applications allow you to fully customize inputs so that you can use any PC game controller or mouse and keyboard. Note that playing on an emulator will match you with other emulator players, even if grouped with friends on mobile. This may put you and your team at a disadvantage.

If you decide to play on PC, there are many controller options to choose from. Our pick for the best PUBG Mobile controller is the Xbox One Wireless controller. This has been a staple console controller for years, and if you don’t already have one, you can pick one up at the link below.

A smartphone clipped to an Xbox One wireless controller.
Xbox One controller
The Xbox One Wireless controller is an updated version that also works as a standard bluetooth controller. It's compatible with Xbox, PC, Android, and iOS.

What are the best PUBG Mobile controllers for Android and iOS?

Although full controllers are not supported in PUBG Mobile, a few manufacturers are making devices that do work with the battle royale titan. These are essentially trigger attachments that clip onto your phone and allow you to shoot without taking your thumbs off the virtual sticks. Since they have no software component, they work on both Android and iOS devices.

They are available in two types: one with just the clips and one that fits your entire phone into an enclosure. Both will work with PUBG Mobile or any other mobile game and are significantly easier to master than “claw” grips. Check out our favorite PUBG Mobile triggers below.

Apart from the triggers, you can also get a slightly more tactile experience by sticking phone joysticks to your screen. These are much easier to find without looking, although they won’t allow you to sprint in PUBG and may block a significant amount of the screen on smaller phones. They’re also very inexpensive, so hardcore PUBG Mobile players have nothing to lose by giving them a shot!

How do you use a controller with PUBG Mobile?

ps5 vs xbox series x controllers 2

The clips above are quick and easy to install, but there is one more step to take before you can drop into Erangel or Vikendi. For the fire buttons to appear beneath the trigger spots, you need to go into settings and adjust your control scheme.

To do this, open the Settings in-game, then tap Controls on the right-hand side and Customize. From there, you can move whatever buttons you want to the top of the screen where the triggers hit. You may also want to create and save a new layout. This way, you can switch layouts when not playing with PUBG Mobile triggers. Once finished, tap Save and Exit.

Will PUBG Mobile add controller support in the future?

It’s been more than two years since PUBG Mobile officially launched, and there has been no indication from Tencent or Lightspeed & Quantum that they will add future controller support. That said, Tencent’s other major franchise, Call of Duty Mobile, added controller support in late 2019. That means they might revisit the feature in the future.