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How to use the PS5 web browser

Did you know your PlayStation 5 has a hidden web browser?
September 21, 2022

If you owned a PS4, you might remember it had a web browser app. Although, players so rarely used it that Sony decided not to make a dedicated app for surfing the web on its next-gen console. However, there is a secret workaround as long as you have a Twitter account. Here’s how to use the PS5 web browser.

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To browse the web on your PS5, start by linking your PSN Account with Twitter. After that, locate a tweet featuring a site link in your Twitter feed. Click it, and you will be taken to the webpage format, where you can search for any site in the URL field.

How to use the PS5 web browser

Sony likely didn’t intend for users to search the web on their PS5, as the feature isn’t fully functional. If you want to watch videos or listen to music, it’s best to use the dedicated streaming apps or Spotify. But, the browser is pretty good at reading text, such as news or reviews, on our site. The only catch is you’ll need to access them through Twitter via a link or embedded tweet.

We don’t know if Sony plans to release a fully fleshed-out web browser in the future, but in the meantime, you can follow these steps to unlock your PS5’s hidden web browser. To start, open the Settings menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

Scroll down to Users and Accounts and select Link with Other Services. Choose Twitter from the available options and choose Link Account.

Link accounts
Adam Birney / Android Authority

A pop-up window will ask for your Twitter account details. You can provide them to link your accounts or click the Twitter icon in the top left corner if you want to skip right to the web. Either way, you will need to log in to your Twitter account.

twitter login ps5
Adam Birney / Android Authority

Once logged in, you’ll arrive on your Twitter homepage. Here, you can access external sites, such as Android Authority. The PS5 web browser doesn’t take up the whole screen, but you can zoom in and out by pressing the R3 analog stick.

Twitter feed ps5 web browser
Adam Birney / Android Authority

To move the cursor, use the L3 analog stick. Click on a link to an article, and you’ve now found yourself surfing the web on your PS5.

PS5 web browser
Adam Birney / Android Authority

You can also press the Triangle button to refresh the page or use L1 and R1 to go back and forward.

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If there is enough consumer demand for a dedicated app, Sony may develop a web browser app for the PS5 in a future update.

Because players so rarely used the web browser app on previous PlayStation consoles, Sony decided it wasn’t a priority for the PS5, focusing instead on improving other user experience features.