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Poll: Do you ever use your phone's battery saver mode?

How determined are you to avoid plugging in?

Published onDecember 1, 2020

Google Pixel 5 vs HUAWEI P40 Pro vs Sony Xperia 5 II vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Many phones have some sort of battery life extending mode to wring out a few more hours of use. You frequently have to give up some creature comforts in the process, but the setting can be crucial on long days when it’s impractical to plug in. That’s true even during a pandemic — a battery saver mode can be the key to staying connected through a weekend camping trip, for instance.

But how often you use that battery saver mode can vary widely. You might use it all the time if you’re determined to conserve energy, or avoid it to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your device. And then there’s everyone in between — you might use it in a pinch, or a few times a week. What’s your preference?

Do you ever use your phone's battery saver mode?

2491 votes

There are arguments to be made for using battery saver often, even if your phone isn’t in danger of depleting. If you aren’t multitasking and don’t need a constant barrage of notifications, why keep your phone running at full bore? It could not only save you from plugging in quite so often, it could extend the lifespan of your phone by reducing the number of charging cycles.

We won’t fault you for being reluctant to use modes like this, though. There’s not much point to a battery saver if you’re rarely far from a charger. It might also feel like you’re shortchanging yourself. What’s the point of a fast phone if you deliberately hamstring the device? Frequent top-ups might be worth the price if you want a no-compromise experience.

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And let’s not forget that a battery saver mode might feel increasingly unnecessary. When even a moderately-sized phone like Google’s Pixel 5 can last two days on a charge, you might not be worried about longevity. If you don’t use your phone’s battery saving options, that might represent a triumph of modern technology.

Be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments!

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