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Cheeky! This phone has a 'plump butt' beauty filter.

Is this beautification feature all it's cracked up to be?

Published onMarch 7, 2023

Tecno phone plump butt filter option camera app

We’re accustomed to all manner of crazy beauty effects these days, from blemish removal and skin smoothing to nose and lip size adjustments. There are even AI-driven beauty filters on some apps that allow you to completely transform the way you look.

We’ve recently seen a major advancement in camera tech that opens the door for more granular beautification related to teeth, hair, and more. But we’ve just stumbled across a new beauty filter option that really cracks us up.

An ass-trophotography mode

Tecno phone plump butt filter edit

We recently got our hands on the TECNO Phantom V Fold foldable phone and, after some digging in the portrait mode section, we discovered the presence of a so-called “plump butt” beauty option. Seriously.

The option sits right alongside beauty filters like decreasing the size of your legs/head/shoulders/waist and increasing your leg length. I can’t say I’ve seen the latter on a phone before, either.

Butt back to the plump butt option. Does it actually work? Well, that’s another story altogether. Members of the Android Authority team on the ground for MWC 2023 weren’t afraid to make an ass out of themselves and try it out, as the picture below shows.

Hadlee and C Scott Plump Butt beauty filter Barcelona resize
Yes, that's yours truly posing for a plump butt shot, courtesy of C Scott Brown.

We tried it out on three team members (myself included), and results were hit-and-miss in mixed lighting. However, as the comparison below shows, the filter appears to stretch the subject’s stomach and hip area (including the butt). You can also notice this distortion in the background, such as the posts on either side of me below. This is particularly notable on the post to the left of me, almost as if my posterior were a black hole (phwoar) with immense gravitational force.

I also tried it out at home, with my eagle-eyed girlfriend noticing that my stomach looked larger when the filter was enabled while my butt was seemingly unaffected. In saying so, even the larger stomach didn’t seem consistent in all photos taken with this filter enabled.

You can have your cake (but maybe don’t eat it?)

Results via this plump butt beauty filter are clearly mixed at this stage, and even when it works the filter doesn’t seem to be doing much beyond warping and stretching the subject. That’s a real bummer. But at least we know it seems to work on both men and women and that you don’t need to be half-naked for it.

As funny as this filter sounds, it’s also interesting to see a beauty filter option that doesn’t involve slimming down body parts, reducing the size of your nose/lips, or lightening your skin. It’s still not promoting body positivity, but those who are anal about their butt shape in photos might want to keep this feature in mind.

Would you change your butt’s plumpness with a filter?

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