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What is Direct My Call and how does it work on the Pixel 7?

This will make calling some businesses easier.
October 7, 2022

The Google Pixel 7 phones are designed to not only be great smartphones, but also to give owners some nice voice calling features and improvements. One of these improvements is for Direct My Call, which first launched in 2021.

Direct My Call will come in handy when you call a business with an automated voice system. Here’s how this feature works with the Pixel 7 phones.


The new Direct My Call features allow Pixel 7 phone owners to navigate through a business's phone directory visually on the phone's screens.


How does Direct My Call work on the Pixel 7?

direct my call 1

When a Pixel 7 owner dials a business number with an automated audio menu, the Direct My Call feature will show a list of the menu options on the phone’s screen. Using previous calls to the same number that were sent in voluntarily by previous Pixel phone users, the feature predicts what the menu options will be even before the audio menu goes through all the different choices. This will likely save a lot of time going through the standard audio menu selections.

Is Direct My Call only for the Pixel 7?

While Direct My Call is available for previous Pixel phones, the new feature that shows menu options on screen even before they are spoken by the automated service will only be available to Pixel 7 owners.


Right now, the feature is limited only to US users on Pixel phones.

There’s no word yet if this new feature will be added to older Pixel phones.

Yes. Go into the Phone app, tap on the top right menu and then Settings. Then tap on the Direct My Call selection, and you can then turn the feature on or off.