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Just when you thought you’d learned everything there is to know about the Pixel 4, another leak has dropped with a bit more information about the camera software.

The Pixel series is widely considered to be one of the best camera smartphones around, but the software has been fairly light on advanced options. A fresh leak out of Vietnam (h/t genk.vn) gives us a closer look at how the latter might be changing. The hands-on post appears to be based on near-final software running on devices straight off the production line. Google shifted production of the Pixel series to Vietnam earlier this year.

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The leak shows off a new UI for changing camera settings. Settings that you won’t touch too often, things like the flash, timer, face retouching, and image aspect-ratio, have now been included in a floating overlay. The current interface displays all these icons along the top of the screen, and the leak suggests that Google is trying to declutter the screen.

Another interesting addition is the ability to switch off selfie mirroring. In its current implementation, the saved image file is flipped around once clicked. This is particularly useful if you have text in your frame since the un-mirrored image would have the wrong orientation. With the mirroring option toggled off, you will now be able to save a selfie, exactly as you shot it. This feature seems identical to the mirroring options available on the likes of Huawei and Samsung phones.

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The leak also takes a look at the Pixel Themes utility which will let you customize fonts, colors and icons across the interface. Finally, we also get a close look at the face-unlock screen. There’s not much more to be learned here, but the above GIF suggests that the face-unlock tech might be able to recognise your face from an angle as well.

This latest Pixel 4 leak joins a host of other major leaks in recent days, including a Coral colorway, chipset details, and a leaked TV ad. What would you like to see on the new smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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