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“What about Marshmallow for OnePlus X?” If you read any post mentioning OnePlus software updates in the past few months, you’ve probably seen the question in the comments section. It’s easy to see why. Despite promises of fast updates, the diminutive OnePlus X is still on Android Lollipop, just as Google prepares to release Android 7.0 Nougat.

Behind the scenes though OnePlus has been working on bringing the X up to date and today, the team announced the release of the Oxygen OS 3.1 “community build” for OnePlus X.

Think of OnePlus community builds as “beta” releases that precede the full, “official” releases of new software.

Oxygen OS 3.1 for OnePlus X is based on Marshmallow, so it includes things like the new permission model and presumably all the changes Android 6.0 brought under the hood.

There’s also a slew of updates to OnePlus’ custom features, including new icon packs, a new wallpaper picker, changes to Shelf UX, and new customization options for the Alert Slider.

The latest security patches (August 1) are included, along with two new apps – OnePlus Music Player and OnePlus Gallery.

Because this is beta software, there are some issues that you might potentially run into. OnePlus mentioned network stability issues in certain regions, issues with third party apps compatibility, and language localization.

If you decide to put the Oxygen OS 3.1 on your OnePlus X, you will need to flash it manually. Instructions are available here.

OnePlus did not reveal any details about the official Marshmallow rollout for the OnePlus X, but the release of a stable beta could mean that the full rollout is finally on its way.

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