Love it or hate it, manufacturers are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to cut down on bezels. While some companies are fine with sticking a big ol’ notch on the front and calling it a day, others are actually trying more interesting things. We’ve seen Vivo, Samsung, and others launch phones with pop-out selfie cameras, but the most interesting has to be the new Oppo Reno smartphone.

The Oppo Reno still technically has a pop-out camera, but it’s much more interesting than others — it features a little mechanism that pops out of the top of the phone at an angle making it look like a shark fin.

I love it. Yeah, it’s another moving part on your phone, and that may lead to durability issues down the line. Still, I’d prefer the sleek look of the Oppo Reno than, say, the Vivo Nex.

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