Remember the OPPO F1 from CES this year? The self-proclaimed “selfie expert”? Well, there’s about to be a new expert in town, when the OPPO F1s gets unveiled on August 3. OPPO claims the F1s will be one of its “core products for the second half of 2016” – indicating just how successful the F1 line has already been for the company.

There’s nothing much to say about the OPPO F1s specs yet but OPPO is promising the F1s will “carry on the F1’s legacy of superb photography, sleek design and snappy performance, while adding new features and taking others to new heights”. The F1s will apparently deliver the “ultimate experience,” so there’s that to look forward to.

The response to the camera-centric F1 has been positive to say the least, so upping the ante in a mid-year upgrade does kind of make sense for OPPO. But keep in mind OPPO already released the F1 Plus just a few months ago – the F1s will be the third F1 in six months. While this may seem a little excessive, the F1 has proven its viability already.

According to OPPO, the F1 was the best-selling smartphone in the $225-300 price range in multiple countries this May, including India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and was the second most popular device in a few other markets. While we’ve seen several other selfie-centric phones in the past, OPPO’s success with the F1 is likely down to its impressive price point.

What do you think about OPPO’s F1 strategy? How important are selfies to you?

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