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OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame edition unboxing: An incredible phone for the fans

The OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Limited Edition is a phone to commemorate the movie and serve diehard fans.

Published onMay 1, 2019

OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Edition back glass

Avengers: Endgame is smashing box office records all over the world. You won’t find any spoilers here, but it’s an amazing film. If you’re a Marvel fan you should definitely see it.

To commemorate the release of the movie, OPPO has released the F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Limited Edition. We’ve previously reviewed the OPPO F11 Pro so we won’t go into much detail about the phone here. If you want to know more about it, feel free to read our OPPO F11 Pro full review.

Here’s our OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Limited Edition unboxing and hands-on.

OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Edition back glass

Aside from the phone having a fresh coat of paint, you get some extra goodies in the F11 Pro Endgame retail box. The box itself isn’t anything too special, but it’s something you’ll probably still want to keep around. Unlike OPPO’s usual white packaging, the OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Limited Edition comes in a black box. There’s a large Avengers logo printed on the front side, and “Avengers Endgame” printed on the sides of the box to let you know that this isn’t any ordinary F11 Pro.

OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Edition box and accessories

What’s in the box

Greeting you immediately when you first open up the box is a collection certificate. There’s an emblem printed on the certificate for each of the original six Avengers. On the backside is a silhouette of each Avenger. Embedded in the center of the certificate is a metal coin. The golden coin has the Avengers’ “A” logo on the front and “Avengers: Endgame” printed on the back. It’s got a nice hefty weight to it and is a great little collector’s item.

The other interesting item that comes in the box is a Captain America-themed case. It’s a shell-type case with a faux leather-like exterior and a soft lining on the inside to prevent the phone from getting scratched. Avengers branding can be found on both the inside and outside of the case. The case is blue, of course, to represent Captain America, and there’s a Captain America shield on the back. This looks pretty but it also serves a purpose. You can lift the outer ring of the shield to serve as a kickstand or put the ring around your finger to keep the phone anchored to your hand.

OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Edition box and accessories

Everything else that comes in the box is a little less exciting. There’s the usual reading materials, a Micro-USB cable, a wall adapter, and a pair of earbuds. It would have been nice if the accessories were also themed to match, but they’re the same white color that you get with any ordinary OPPO phone.

A superhero phone

That’s a minor complaint though and the phone is what really matters. Just like the included case, the OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame edition is Captain America-themed and it looks incredible. The F11 Pro has a fresh coat of blue paint throughout the metal frame and rear glass. If you look closely, there’s a hexagonal pattern etched into the glass that gives it a more textured look. A large red Avengers logo is also printed on the back, and another, smaller Avengers logo is found on the camera housing.

There are a few other nice touches to accentuate the overall theme, such as the red power button and a Marvel logo on the bottom left side of the frame.

Oppo’s also included a Marvel theme in the software, but it’s not much of a theme. You get a nice “Avengers: Endgame” lock screen and home screen wallpaper, and that’s about it. There’s no custom icon pack or other extra software goodies. Aesthetics aside, the rest of the phone is identical to any other OPPO F11 Pro in terms of hardware and software.

OPPO F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Limited Edition is also coming to India

Being a huge Marvel fan, I tend to geek out when OEMs decide to release special edition phones like this. I love the Captain America theme and the included items are a great addition to make this phone feel more special. While it may not be easy for everyone to get their hands on one, this Avengers-themed F11 Pro does make for a great collectors item.

Does the OPPO F11 Pro seem more enticing to you now with this Avengers Limited Edition model? Let us know in the comments!

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