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You told us: Here's how your perception of the OnePlus/OPPO merger has changed

The news initially filled readers with dread, but has that changed with the latest news?

Published onSeptember 23, 2021

OnePlus Nord 2 5G vs OnePlus 9
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The smartphone industry is finally feeling the first shock waves from the OnePlus and OPPO merger. Earlier this week, OnePlus’ Pete Lau admitted that the brand would use a new unified OS going forward, melding traits of Oxygen OS and Color OS. Other news about join hardware development teams also landed.

So, given the latest developments, we asked our readers to weigh in with their fresh perceptions of the merger. It turns out that many readers still feel the same way about the deal when it was first announced.

What do you think of the OnePlus/OPPO merger since it was first announced?


Just short of 3,500 votes were cast on this poll published on September 20, and the majority of these remain against the merger.

Despite the latest clarification, just under 62% of respondents say they dreaded the news when it first broke “and still do now.” Around 7.8% of readers initially had high hopes, but they no longer look forward to the fruits of the partnership. Looking at initial poll results, 49% of readers were vehemently against the merger, while just under 40% were on the fence. The latest poll results suggest that more two-minded users are now firmly in the pessimists’ camp.

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However, despite the overwhelming slant towards the negative, several readers still see the merger positively. 18.8% “looked forward” to the merger when it was first announced and still have that glowing perception. Notably, just short of 12% of respondents admit to favoring the move after initially dreading it.

Of course, we’ve not yet seen the results of OPPO and OnePlus’ merger in terms of hardware. There are plenty of indications that sweeping changes are coming in 2022, but we’ve yet to see how they will affect the brands’ devices.

Your comments

  • needa: OnePlus has slowly lost me as a customer over the last few years. While I still absolutely love my op5, I will not be buying another OnePlus phone due to their update standards dropping off a cliff. Maybe the merge with OPPO will fix that. Either way, I think it’s too late. I no longer get excited or care about OnePlus news.
  • Joe Black: They are all part of the BBK, so who cares if they merge two sub-brands.
  • Large_Hadron: It’s always been a bit hard to accept OnePlus’s claims that they weren’t a subsidiary of OPPO, especially given how blatantly they have drawn on OPPO’s hardware. So I see this as BBK saving a bit of money rather than a true merger.
  • Skifarterking: My last OnePlus is the 5t which in my opinion was the last good device they launch before turning to a more mainstream approach. However as it’s one of the last companies allowing easy rooting I was willing to give it another shot, but reading this I am just afraid OPPO will take over forbid bootloader unlock and rooting.
  • Byorself: How about another poll option such, a shrug of the shoulders, meaning I don’t care. One Plus lost me as a repeat customer.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. If you have any more thoughts about the OnePlus/OPPO merger or the results of this poll, drop a comment down below.

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