• An official teaser video gives us our first look at the OnePlus 6 x Marvel Avengers Limited Edition.
  • Along with confirming the name of the device, the video confirms it will be an Amazon Exclusive.
  • The device will launch one day after the vanilla variant of the OnePlus 6: May 17, 2018.

Earlier this month, OnePlus teased that it would possibly release a version of the OnePlus 6 themed to match the latest Marvel blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War. A week ago, OnePlus confirmed the device as well as it’s initial exclusivity to India.

Now, we have a teaser video that gives us our first glimpse of the device itself. Don’t get your hopes up though; in the 15-second clip, only a few brief shots are shown of the phone, and at no point do you see it in its entirety. But give it a watch anyway (it’s literally 15 seconds of your time):

The teaser video’s title also confirms the device’s name: the OnePlus 6 x Marvel Avengers Limited Edition. We’re not quite sure why the “x” is there, considering that OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition would work just as well. Maybe it’s simply for aesthetic purposes?

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What else can we tell from the video? It looks like the device will have a textured back, similar to the carbon fiber Karbon case that the company created for previous OnePlus phones, including the OnePlus 5T. The Karbon case design looks a lot like the textured material of the outfits worn by superheroes in the Marvel universe, so the design fits in well.

Other than that, the OnePlus 6 x Marvel Avengers Limited Edition looks exactly like what we know the regular edition looks like: the alert slider’s been moved, the rounded edges of the 19:9 display ratio are here, and, of course, the notch gets a second or two of screen time.

According to the video, the Avengers-branded device will be an Amazon exclusive and launch one day after the vanilla version of the OnePlus 6: May 17, 2018. Mark your calendars!

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