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Update: Google has issued a statement to The Washington Post, apologizing for the now-removed image of a bugdroid peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps. Google spokesperson Mara Harris says:

We’re sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we’re working to remove it quickly. We also learn from these issues, and we’re constantly improving how we detect, prevent, and handle bad edits

Original post: Step 1. Go to this location in Google Maps. Step 2a. Enjoy. Step 2b. Cringe.

We’re not sure what’s going on here, as what you see in the screenshot above should never make it to production software. No matter what happened (intentional Easter Egg, joke of rogue employee, some exploit or hack, passive aggressive revenge over Apple dumping Google Maps, or most likely a Google Map Maker submission that wasn’t vetted), it will probably be gone very soon.