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Turn your phone into a tablet or desktop with NexPad and NexMonitor

Nex Computer clearly wants you to use your phone for everything and anything.

Published onJanuary 4, 2022

NexDock NexMonitor
Nex Computer
  • Nex Computers, makers of the NexDock, just launched the NexPad and NexMonitor.
  • The NexMonitor turns your phone into a desktop for $449.
  • The NexPad turns your phone into a large tablet for $249.

If you’re interested in a lapdock — a laptop shell powered by your smartphone or single-board computer — you probably want something from Nex Computer. Although there have been plenty of competitor products launched, the NexDock has become the gold standard for the industry.

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At CES 2022, Nex Computer is launching two new products: the NexPad and NexMonitor. Both devices aim to do for tablets and desktops what the NexDock did for laptops: allow you to use your phone for everything.

A NexDock but for your desktop

NexDock NexMonitor Phone with Keyboard and Mouse
Nex Computer

In the image above, you can get a good look at the NexMonitor. It uses a magnetic mounting board to the right of the monitor to give you a simple and clean way to connect your phone to the system.

Once connected, your phone becomes the brains of the operation. If you have a Samsung or Motorola phone (or another device with an integrated desktop system), you’ll be able to use your phone in its desktop mode. If you have a phone without Dex or something similar, the NexMonitor will just mirror your device’s screen.

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The idea is that you snap your phone to the NexMonitor and then use a keyboard and mouse just like you would at a desktop. You can work, browse the web, or even game with this setup. When you’re ready to move on you simply unplug your phone and go about your day, taking your files and gaming progress with you.

Of course, NexMonitor works as a “normal” monitor too. As long as your PC or laptop supports a USB-C monitor, you can connect it right up. The NexMonitor will even charge your laptop/PC if it supports that.

There will be both 2K and 4K versions of the NexMonitor. Pre-orders are open now with a shipping time of Q2 2022. Pricing starts at $449.

NexPad turns a phone into a tablet

NexDock NexPad
Nex Computer

Not content to launch just one product at CES, Nex Computers also has the NexPad. Like the NexDock and NexMonitor, the NexPad turns your phone into a tablet experience.

As one would expect, the “tablet” is a touch-enabled screen coming in at 12 inches. It’s a 1080p display in a 16:9 aspect ratio, not unlike the NexDock Touch’s display. Below it is a magnetic panel. You can snap your smartphone here, plug it in with the provided USB-C cable, and then use your phone in tablet mode. As with the NexDock/NexMonitor, if your phone has a desktop mode it will work on this tablet display.

In a terrific bit of engineering and design, the NexPad can magnetically snap to the back of your laptop, too. Using the cable, you can get a travel-ready double-monitor experience this way. Don’t have a metal laptop? No biggie, you can just prop the NexPad next to your laptop with its included stand.

The NexPad starts at $249 and will also start shipping in Q2 2022. Pre-order yours here.

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