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March 30, 2023

☕Hello there! I recently started playing Chorus, a single-player space combat title that’s available on PlayStation Plus Extra. Fans of Colony Wars and Freelancer might like this one. Anyway, on with the newsletter!

Windows 12’s major overhaul

Windows logo

Microsoft introduced a few major changes with Windows 11, such as Android app support and that revised start UI. But it looks like even bigger changes are coming to Windows 12.

CorePC: The future of Windows

  • Windows Central reports that Microsoft is working on a project dubbed CorePC.
  • This project is apparently aiming to deliver a modular, customizable version of Windows.
  • More specifically, CorePC would allow for versions of Windows with different feature sets and app compatibility levels.
  • The company is pushing to get this tech ready in time for the next major Windows launch in 2024, presumably Windows 12.
  • Perhaps the most notable change with this Windows project is that it’s opening the door for seamless system updates, much like Android.
  • Microsoft will apparently split the OS over several partitions, as opposed to having all system data, app files, and user data on one partition.
  • Many Android devices can install a system update to an inactive partition in the background, while the device still runs like normal via the active partition in the foreground.
  • You then simply need to restart your device when prompted and you’ve got a new update.
  • By contrast, Windows users need to sit through an installing screen.
  • I do wonder whether this approach will require more storage space, as is usually the case on Android.
  • In fact, this storage issue is why there isn’t unanimous support for the feature among polled Android Authority readers.

A simultaneous attack on Chromebooks and Macs?

  • The company’s CorePC efforts include a Windows version that only runs Edge, web apps, Android apps, and Office apps.
  • A Windows Central source even notes that this version will explicitly compete with Chromebooks in terms of OS size, performance, and capabilities.
  • This version is also said to be between 60% and 75% smaller than the education-focused Windows 11 SE.
  • A version of Windows with a much smaller OS size and modest requirements should also translate into cheaper PCs.
  • Laptop makers could theoretically cut prices by shipping devices with less storage and less capable chips. Much like they do with Chromebooks.
  • Meanwhile, the CorePC project is also focusing on a Windows version with an AI focus and tighter synergy between hardware and software. Much like Apple computers.
  • Microsoft will apparently implement features like cutting text/objects out of images as well as contextual prompts for tasks/apps based on what’s on-screen.

Is this two-pronged approach going to work?

  • I do wonder whether the company can indeed deliver on this project. It does make sense for Windows itself to be more modular to reach this goal.
  • But I feel like there’s a risk that taking a one-size-fits-all approach could result in two very compromised products.
  • The plane nerd in me thinks of the F-35 fighter jet, which is meant to be a jack-of-all-trades but makes compromises to reach that goal.
  • We’ll just have to wait to see whether the compromises are keenly felt in the final products.
  • Still, it could be better than simply having S Mode for Windows.

📅 Vivo X Fold 2 launch could be as soon as next month: The big question is whether this will actually come to global markets (Android Authority).

🚨 Google is accused of ripping off OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but the company has denied these claims (Android Authority).

Thursday Thing

Mark Hamill is lending his voice to a Ukrainian air raid alert app, the Associated Press reports. Yes, beleaguered Ukrainians can take some measure of solace with Luke Skywalker’s voice.

“Attention, air raid alert. Proceed to the nearest shelter. Don’t be careless; your overconfidence is your weakness,” Hamill notes in the Air Alert app. He also dishes out alerts for other hazards, such as drones, missiles, and bombs.

“Attention, the air alert is over. May the force be with you,” Hamill’s voice notes when the danger has passed.

Have a great day,

Hadlee Simons, Editor.

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