monument valley

You can now grab one of the best mobile games ever made without spending a cent. The original Monument Valley is completely free on the Google Play Store for the next week, and if you haven’t played it already you owe it to yourself to hit that download button.

Ustwo’s lush isometric puzzler sees you guide a repentant princess called Ida as she adventures through lovingly designed and crafted maze-like structures. As well as controlling Ida’s movement with simple taps, you’ll also need to decipher increasingly more complex optical illusions and manipulate the architecture to create a path for the diminutive heroine.

Released in 2014, Monument Valley has won countless awards — including two BAFTAs — and has earned a well-deserved reputation as being one of the finest games you can play on a smartphone.

An equally excellent sequel, Monument Valley 2, made its way to the Play Store last year.

The game’s Forgotten Shores expansion isn’t included as part of the promotion, but for $1.99 it’s definitely worth grabbing if you enjoy the main chapters.

Hit the button below to download Monument Valley for free while you still can!

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