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How to log out of Facebook on all devices

Time to take a break from Facebook.
February 9, 2023

While Facebook can be a lot of fun, there are invisible harms to overusing the social media site. For example, studies have found that its algorithms can make it easier for misinformation to go viral. Moreover, one month away from Facebook can significantly improve emotional well-being and reduce political polarization. Consider taking a break from the app and joining the historical decline of average daily users. Here’s how to log out of Facebook on all devices.

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To log out of your Facebook account on all devices, open the Settings menu and select Security and Login. From there, choose Log Out of All Sessions. This method won't delete your Facebook account, so you can still sign in anytime.


How to log out of Facebook on your phone

Tap the Menu button with your Profile picture in the top right of the screen. Then, scroll down to the bottom and select Log out.

log out button Facebook settings mobile
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This method will log you out of Facebook on your mobile device. To log out of other devices using your phone, tap the Settings wheel from the menu and select Password and Security.

password security Facebook
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From there, you can see a list of devices. Tap the three-dot icon on the session you want to end, then Log Out.

Logout device facebook
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You may have remarked how the grey buttons make the option harder to find. Well, that’s done on purpose. It’s a subtle UX strategy utilizing visual saliency to draw your attention away from logging out. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the exit.

How to log out of Facebook on your computer

Open Facebook on your desktop and navigate to Security and login settings. Scroll down to the section Where you’re logged in and click the three-dot icon beside the session you want to end.

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Log out of Facebook from all devices at once

Logging out of multiple devices is an excellent way to respond to suspicions that your Facebook account has been hacked and prevent people you know from using your account on another device. From the mobile app, navigate to Settings–>Password and Security and select See all beside Where you’re logged in.

settings Facebook
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Scroll down to the bottom and tap Log out of all sessions.

logout of all sessions mobile Facebook
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Navigate to Security and login settings from your desktop and find the section Where you’re logged in. Then, click See more to see all of your devices. At the bottom of the list, click Log Out of All Sessions.

facebook logout all sessions desktop
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One of Facebook’s recent updates caused many problems with users trying to log out. Ensure you have the latest version of the app download, which has since fixed those bugs.

If you are still experiencing problems logging out, try clearing the Facebook app cache or force-stop Facebook from the App info settings on your phone.

You can’t log out of Facebook Messenger from the app, but you can log out from your Facebook account settings. Navigate to Settings–>Security and Login, and select Messenger from the list of devices to log out.

Navigate to Settings and Privacy and click Your Facebook Information. Then, click Deactivation and Deletion and follow the on-screen instructions to delete your Facebook account.