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How to listen to Spotify with friends

Get your squad together with Spotify music!
May 12, 2022

Spotify allows you to listen to music with others via group sessions and listening parties. Through slick integration with the service’s mobile app and Discord, no matter the distance, you always have the option of sharing an auditory experience. Let’s go over how to listen to Spotify with friends.

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To listen to music with your friends on Spotify, you need to be a Premium subscriber, and launch a group session. Start playing something from the Spotify mobile app, then tap the Spotify Connect button. Select Start a remote group session. Tap Invite friends, and you can share a link with up to seven people.


How do Spotify group sessions work?

A promo image for Spotify group sessions

With Spotify group sessions, users can listen to the same music in real-time. Everyone involved can control what plays, and leave whenever they feel like it.

It’s a really neat feature, but there are some important caveats. It’s still in public beta testing, which could translate to occasional glitches. More importantly, it’s limited to Spotify Premium subscribers and only those listening from an Android or iOS device. Groups are limited to seven people, which is usually more than enough but does put a kibosh on silent raves.

How do you start a group session on Spotify?

If you’re subscribed to Spotify Premium, you can participate in the beta. To get started:

  • Start playing something in the Spotify mobile app. Tap the Spotify Connect button in the lower-left, which usually looks like a speaker sitting in front of a screen. However, if you’re already listening to something on a speaker, you may see another icon in its place (like Google Cast, pictured). If you don’t want session audio to be limited to that speaker, you’ll have to switch back to phone/tablet output.
  • In the following popup, find an option at the bottom titled Start a remote group session. For speaker listening, make sure Multiple people can join and control this speaker is toggled on.
  • Once you’ve started a session, tap Invite friends. You’ll be given various link-sharing methods depending on your platform, or the option to copy a link you can paste anywhere.

Ending a Spotify group session

To end a Spotify group session, press the Spotify Connect button again. At the bottom, you’ll see a section marked Remote group session, including icons for active listeners. Tap End session, then Confirm.

What is a Spotify listening party?

Listen Along for Spotify and Discord
Roger Fingas / Android Authority

If you’re a Discord user and a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can host desktop listening parties with the Listen Along feature. These are similar to group sessions, but hosts are in complete control, and people can talk to each other via text chat (voice chat won’t work).

There’s no limit to the number of people who can listen, and only the host needs to have Premium. However, mixing in Spotify Free users introduces ad breaks during which Premium listeners will get complete silence.

How does a Spotify listening party work?

First, make sure you have Spotify connected to Discord and open both desktop apps. On Discord, go to any channel where you can send messages — this includes private messages. In the field where you type text, you’ll see a gray plus icon.

listening party spotify screenshot 1
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Switch over to the Spotify app and start playing music.

listening party spotify screenshot 2
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Go back to your Discord app. The gray plus icon should now have a green play circle on it.

listening party spotify screenshot 3
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click this button to open up a menu. The bottom option should read Invite [insert user or channel here] to Listen to Spotify.

listening party spotify screenshot 4
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Select this bottom option to start a listening party with a Listen Along Invite.

listening party spotify screenshot 5
Curtis Joe / Android Authority