LG will start supplying South Korean rival Samsung with LCD displays, LG CEO Han Sang-beom has confirmed. Rumors regarding the partnership began circulating after Samsung’s previous LCD panel supplier, Sakai Display Products (owned by Foxconn), revealed supply cuts last November.

Though supplying rivals with components isn’t uncommon for electronics manufacturers — Samsung has historically been one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, a partnership which endured even as the companies sued each other — it’s particularly interesting when it comes from competitors in the same nation. Samsung and LG have never traded on displays before and this move would turn LG into a panel supplier for the largest TV manufacturer in the world.

Samsung has faced a few major issues recently, from exploding phones to an arrested boss, and LG could stand to make significant gains, particularly as it has just managed to funnel Samsung’s money into its own pockets.

Regarding the supply schedule, Han told The Investor: “I can’t give the exact time frame but it will be safe to say the supply can take place in the early second half [of 2017].”

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