According to a report coming out of South Korea, LG’s upcoming flagship may have a curved all-glass back with wireless charging in tow.

We’ve seen leaked renders of an alleged early prototype of the LG G6 – not much was revealed except the G6 is most likely to follow the design language of its predecessor but forgo of its modularity. Well, now according to ETNews, LG might be using glass for the front and the back of its next flagship.

As you may know, the G4 – much like Samsung’s offerings during that time – was made of plastic for the most part. That changed with the G5, which was the first ever all-metal G series smartphone. However, unfortunately for the South Korean company, many users criticized the plasticky feel of the materials used to cover the metal.

It’s now emerged that LG may be looking to follow Samsung’s footsteps and use glass for the G6. ETNews claims that the G6 will employ a 2.5D glass panel for the front, produced by Biel Company. That’s not exactly curved like the Galaxy S7 Edge, but it’s more like what you find on the regular S7 with slightly tapered edges. The back will be a 3D glass panel, again similar to the S7, where the sides curve for better ergonomics. The back glass is said to be produced by C&S Glass.

The reason why LG has decided to ditch metal for glass is because of wireless charging, apparently.

The reason why LG has decided to ditch metal for glass is because of wireless charging, apparently. The same source asserts that the G6 will indeed have wireless charging capabilities, something that doesn’t quite work in an all-metal smartphone. And given the choice of material in the next flagship, LG may indeed be giving up on the modular design that was first introduced with the G5. Although innovative, the G5 failed to capture a lot of users, and its modularity only proved itself to be a nuisance.

With Samsung employing glass in more and more devices – even midrange phones – and LG and Apple rumored to be releasing glass smartphones, it looks like glass might be the material to use in 2017.

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