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Exclusive: new LG G5 leak reveals Magic Slot module in action

The LG G5 will indeed have a Magic Slot function that allows different accessories – or modules – to be inserted into the bottom of the device, as this new leaked photo reveals.

Published onFebruary 17, 2016


The LG G5 will indeed have a Magic Slot function that allows different accessories – or modules – to be inserted into the bottom of the device, as this photo leaked exclusively to Android Authority in advance of MWC 2016 reveals. While the image has had the background blocked out to protect the source, we can confirm this is a legitimate photograph of the LG G5.

LG G5: specs, features, price, and availability

The image shows the back of a gold-colored LG G5 with a rather large module attached. The upper edge of the G5 shows the same familiar dual-camera setup we’ve seen in multiple leaks already, complete with slightly raised fingerprint sensor and camera array bump. The lack of physical buttons on the visible right hand side of the device also matches up with other leaks that have the volume rocker positioned on the left.




But onto that module. The first question is – what is it? While at first it looks like an extended battery pack, certain details make me think it’s something else entirely. For instance, why would an extended battery module need a dial or so many other buttons? While it is feasible that it is just an extended battery with some cool new features going on, I have a different theory, so stick with me.

What if it’s actually a camera module instead? Previous leaks claimed the LG G5 Magic Slot would allow different kinds of cameras to be inserted, after all. While this module clearly has no camera lens, it’s possible it adds additional features to the G5’s existing camera lens, along with a bigger battery. That would mean the dial might be a control dial or zoom, the button to the right of the dial could be a power button and the larger button to the left of the dial definitely looks like a shutter button to me.

LG G5 modular battery design

The actual function of this module may not be revealed fully until the LG press conference this coming weekend, but the image does show us other details we’ve been dying to see. Namely how the modules work with the larger G5 unit. Along the bottom edge of the mystery module we can see a join, below which we can see what looks to be a USB Type-C port, speaker grill and a possible headphone port. The question is: are these part of the G5 unit or part of the module?

The LG G5 and its “magic slot” modules: some thoughts

Considering the images we’ve seen leaked and the reproductions from an eyewitness account, the entire bottom section of the G5 supposedly pulls away, revealing a battery slotted inside the main part of the phone. This means that if a large module like the one pictured here is inserted, with a large bulge on the back, the bottom part of the G5 that was taken out can’t slot back in.

lg g5 leak (2)

This makes me think that the various LG G5 modules come with their own built-in bottom section that includes the bottom bezel below the display as well as the various ports along the bottom of the phone. This image supports the idea insofar as you can see a visible seam on the lower edge of the G5 on the left hand side of the image, which we’ve also seen in other leaked images. The bottom section of the G5 also appears to be a different color to the rest of the phone, which is again most visible at the seam on the side.

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Of course, this is all just conjecture based on a blurry leaked photo of an upcoming device with scant factual details surrounding it. Your guesses are ultimately as good as mine, but no matter what you think this module is or does, we don’t have long to wait to find out though. Stay tuned to Android Authority this Sunday when LG will officially unveil the LG G5 and its various modules at MWC 2016.

What do you think this module does? Do you think the module idea will fly?

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