Krypton Anonymous Browser review

What is Krypton Anonymous Browser

Krypton Anonymous Browser is a privacy-oriented browser with some strong features and a real stance on your privacy. It comes bundled with Tor so you know they’re very serious about it. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

In terms of functionality, Krypton Anonymous Browser works pretty much like you would expect. It browses websites and all that jazz and it does so relatively well. We didn’t run into any issues there. The real story is the privacy side of things. Krypton is essentially Incognito Mode but without a regular mode so the browser never saves your cookies or keeps track of your web history and that makes it perfect for people who want it for privacy reasons.

Along with that comes 1-touch Tor support. You can activate that and it further hides your web surfing from prying eyes. Since Tor essentially routes your IP all over the place, you can use this not just for privacy, but getting around censorship if you live in a region where that is an issue. The app itself follows a fairly basic design that is easy to use and looks good. Lastly, the app is open source so you can see the core app and how it works.

Krypton Anonymous Browser

One of the most privacy minded browser I've ever seen.


It comes bundled with Tor which can be activated with one touch.
Uses a bunch of privacy-minded stuff like HTTPS on every website and other behind-the-scenes tools to keep things as private as possible.
The UI isn't bad and the browser works as expected.
Free with no in app purchases.
Open source.


Bugs and glitches here and there. Nothing really major but it may cause issues for some.
When you use any browser that blocks ads and trackers, many websites will start to act a little loopy. Your mileage may vary.

Bottom Line

Overall, the privacy minded can’t find a browser that’s much better than this. There is a bit of a learning curve because a lot of these kinds of privacy tools require a bit more than just a wink and a wave. There are also some bugs here and there but most of those will probably get ironed out eventually.

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