Galaxy S20 BOGO up to $1,000 off!

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE hands-on: S20 for the masses?

David Imel September 25, 2020

Android 11 review: The devil is in the details

Joe Hindy September 23, 2020 1425 shares

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7 Plus review: The only Android tablets to buy

Eric Zeman September 22, 2020 9 shares

Fitbit Sense review: A work in progress

Jimmy Westenberg September 22, 2020 15 shares
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Incognito mode unmasked: What it does and what it doesn’t do

Don't be fooled into thinking Google incognito mode hides everything you do online.
Eric ZemanSeptember 3, 2020247 shares

US court rules NSA surveillance uncovered by Edward Snowden is illegal

The program was first leaked by Snowden in 2013.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 3, 2020

Googlers in 2018 were just as confused by their privacy settings as you were

Google says its data gathering has improved since.
Jon FingasAugust 26, 2020

TikTok tracked Android user data despite Google privacy protections

The practice ended in November, but the news still comes at the worst possible time.
Jon FingasAugust 11, 2020880 shares

Should you switch to the Brave Web Browser?

Brave is a browser with a built-in ad blocker. It blocks all ads and bad cookies, so that you can surfer the web quicker.
Gary SimsAugust 4, 2020203 shares

Would you pay for an ad-free search engine?

Search engines and web services track our every digital move. But what if there was an ad-free alternative?
Robert TriggsJuly 19, 202010 shares

Eufy Security Video Doorbell review: The private option (1-day sale: $163.99)

Eufy has a unique pitch for its video doorbell: privacy. Storing the video locally means you keep ownership of the data.
Eric ZemanJuly 6, 2020146 shares

IRS tried (unsuccessfully) to use smartphone location data to find tax criminals

After a year of paying to obtain location data, the IRS canceled its partnership due to a lack of success.
C. Scott BrownJune 19, 2020146 shares

Joe Rogan uses Brave browser — Here are 5 reasons you might want to start, too

Podcaster and host Joe Rogan revealed he uses the privacy-focused Brave browser. Do you use Brave browser?
Jimmy WestenbergJune 4, 2020153 shares

Poll: What privacy measures do you take with your phone?

Our smartphone privacy is becoming a very hot topic, but how seriously are you taking it?
C. Scott BrownJune 4, 202069 shares
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