The most underrated smartphones of 2018

by Hadlee Simons December 16, 20180 comments

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition hands-on: What should you expect?

by David Imel December 11, 20180 comments

Oura Ring 2 review: The early adopter catches the worm

by Adam Sinicki December 16, 20180 comments

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) review: The rise of the mid-range

by Gary Sims December 15, 20180 comments
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How to tweak your Instagram privacy settings

If you're concerned about your Instagram privacy, here are some helpful tips to make your content more secure on the Facebook-owned social network.
by C. Scott BrownNovember 16, 2018

Google now brings privacy controls to apps, no need to visit Google Account page

The new privacy controls are available in Google Search on desktop and mobile starting today.
by Williams PelegrinOctober 24, 2018

‘Reinstall me!’: Apps may soon haunt you with ads after uninstalling them

Uninstalled an app because of annoying ads? Well, a new tool means that may not be the last you hear of them...
by Hadlee SimonsOctober 24, 2018

What Android app permissions mean and how to use them

Get to know Android's app permissions to keep your smartphone safe from rogue apps.
by Robert TriggsJuly 19, 2018

No, your phone is not always listening to you

There's a persistent rumor that our smartphone must be listening to us to serve such accurate ads, but it's not true.
by Robert TriggsJuly 18, 2018

Report: Your phone probably isn’t listening to your voice, but it’s likely recording your screen

Is your phone listening to your conversations? A research team says "No," but it is likely doing something else even more nefarious.
by C. Scott BrownJuly 4, 2018

‘Father of the Web’ working on privacy-focused project called Solid

Tim Berners-Lee — the inventor of the World Wide Web — is fervently working on decentralizing the internet with a project called Solid.
by C. Scott BrownJuly 2, 2018

Supreme Court says police must obtain warrant to get phone location data

This is the first time the Supreme Court ruled on a case that dealt with phone location data.
by Williams PelegrinJune 22, 2018

How to protect your privacy using Android

We keep an awful lot of personal information on our mobiles these days and they consequently know quite a lot about us, so these days it pays to keep your data protected.
by Robert TriggsJune 21, 2018

Spain’s La Liga soccer league can listen for illegal streams through smartphone mics

The La Liga soccer league has drawn criticism after it emerged that its app now uses smartphone microphones to listen for illegal streams.
by Hadlee SimonsJune 12, 2018
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