Galaxy Note 10 deals!

WeWork: How it works, and why it won’t work for me

Lily Katz August 18, 2019 135 shares

Xiaomi Mi A3 review: A safe bet

Ryan-Thomas Shaw August 15, 2019 409 shares

New dedicated Speed Test G YouTube channel: Speed tests galore!

Gary Sims August 13, 2019 73 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus hands-on

David Imel August 7, 2019 1037 shares
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Google shut down a secret Android location data service for US carriers

The service used your Android phone to let carriers know where their service was strongest and weakest.
C. Scott Brown16 hours ago163 shares

FaceApp: Everything you need to know about this fun, controversial app

Here's what you need to know about FaceApp, the image-altering app that's been raising some serious privacy concerns.
John CallahamJuly 22, 20191509 shares

Can police force you to unlock your phone?

Here's what to do if police ask you to unlock your phone.
Eric ZemanJune 14, 2019537 shares

Android Q to improve security on entry-level devices

Google is relying on the power of adiantum to encrypt and protect phones, wearables, and even set-top boxes in Android Q.
Eric ZemanMay 9, 201970 shares

What to do when US law enforcement asks for your password

The ACLU says warrantless searches of travelers' smartphones, tablets, and laptops at border crossings are on the rise. Here's what you need to know.
Eric ZemanMay 3, 2019808 shares

5 best encrypted private messenger apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

People care more about privacy now than ever before. There are a variety of security apps that help, but few carry the weight of the privacy chat apps available now. There are a bunch ...
Joe HindyApril 22, 201997 shares

Google says an app that tracks Saudi women’s whereabouts doesn’t violate its terms

An app that tracks the whereabouts of Saudi women doesn't violate the Play Store's terms, according to Google.
Williams PelegrinMarch 4, 2019565 shares

At least 11 popular apps are secretly giving your private data to Facebook

The Wall Street Journal exposes how at least 11 very popular apps are secretly giving your private data to Facebook.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 22, 2019346 shares

Facebook is paying people to install an invasive app (Update: Apps shutting down)

Facebook is pulling all market research apps from the Play Store and also ending its Onavo Protect VPN app.
Hadlee SimonsFebruary 22, 2019376 shares

Gary Explains: Is your smartphone spying on you?

Digital privacy is a hot topic. We have moved into an era where almost everyone carries a connected device. That raises the question, is your phone being used to spy on you?
Gary SimsFebruary 18, 2019401 shares
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