Bitcoin Blaster review

What is Bitcoin Blaster?

Bitcoin Blaster is a shooting game where you play as Uncle Sam and you shoot bad guys. The bad guys are the Bitcoin Army and it’s your job to prevent them from taking over the White House. The game is currently free with no in app purchases.

During the game you sit in a turret that is mounted on the side of the White House. You then shoot real money at the Bitcoin army as they advance. Every now and then, an eagle will fly onto the screen with a power up of some kind. You lose the game when your health hits zero. The mechanics are easy enough. You hold down on the screen to start shooting (don’t worry, you have infinite ammo) and drag your finger to aim.

There are achievements and leaderboards in the game but unfortunately they aren’t Google Play Games supported. In the menus, you also have access to thinks like the game’s sound track and various sound effects and voice overs. The graphics for Bitcoin Blaster aren’t amazing but the menus actually really good and the game play graphics aren’t half bad. There are also 4 different levels.

Bitcoin Blaster screenshot

Simple, satirical fun.


The game play mechanics are very simple. Hold to shoot, drag to aim.
Free with no in app purchases.
The satire of Uncle Sam shooting bitcoin people with real money is hilarious.
Leaderboards and achievements help keep the game interesting.
The menus in this game are awesome.


Like most time wasters, repetition will eventually render this game boring. Enjoy it while you can.
The achievements and leaderboards aren't Google Play Services supported.
The satire may go over some heads.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun little time waster. It’s nothing too special but it is easy to play and it does have a lot of personality with a little bit of satire thrown in. It’s also totally free and that helps too. Check it out if you’re interested!

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