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What kind of mobile fanboy are you?

The term 'fanboy' sure gets thrown around a lot in the mobile world. So what are some of the most common types of fanboys, and what are some signs you might be part of their tribe? Let's take a look.

Published onNovember 15, 2014

samsung galaxy s5 vs nexus 5 3

In the mobile world there are all sorts of stereotypes. In particular we tend to lump certain folks into the “fanboy” category, sometimes rightly so but other times not so much. So what defines a fanboy, and what are some of the most common types of fanboys in the mobile world? Are you, in fact, a fanboy? Let’s jump in and take a look.

A word of caution, this article is meant for fun! Don’t take it too seriously! Just because you like Android or a particular OEM, or even Apple or Microsoft, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a true fanboy and we aren’t saying you fit into any of these particular categories.

Google fanboys

Android Lollipop with Google logo

First up is the Google fanboy, not be confused with the Android fanboy (aka fandroid). A Google fanboy doesn’t just like Android, they absolutely live and breathe just about everything Google. Here’s just a few signs you might be a Google fanboy:

  • No matter what, Google apps and services are your preference. Google Drive, Google Plus, Google Maps, Google Music All Access, and (OF COURSE) Android. You love Google, you crave Google. You need Google!
  • While you might be okay with OEM skins, you still prefer and often semi-religiously defend Google’s vision for the platform. This means you likely prefer stock over skinned versions, and there’s a pretty good chance you own a Nexus.
  • You own at least a few Android accessories, such as T-shirts, figurines, etc.
  • You may own a Chromebook, and/or consider Chrome the best browser in the world.

Signs you might be an extreme fanboy:

  • You plan to name one of your children after Google and/or one of its execs — Matias perhaps?
  • You tend to call anyone who doesn’t have your EXACT point of view by the name “Apple fanboy”.
  • You think that all skins and OEMs should be eliminated in favor of stock, but in the same breath talk about how “being open” is what makes Android so awesome..
  • You complain about OEMs being slow to update, and then get mad when OEMs move faster than  Google.
  • You defend Google’s every mistake, and can’t admit that they ever do anything wrong.
  • Under religion on forms you mark “other” and fill it in with Google.

Android fanboys

LG G3 Vs HTCOne M8-89

Now we are moving on to Android fanboys — or fandroids as some like to call them. While some consider Google fanboys and Android fanboys to be one in the same, I decided to separate them due to the fact that there can be some philosophical differences between these two similar but different fanboy tribes.

  • You love Android, particularly for its open nature. You consider it the best mobile OS in the world.
  • You consider yourself a fan of the OS, but don’t feel the need to always go with Google on decisions.
  • You often use Google services, but may also explore alternatives (Facebook, Dropbox, etc)
  • There’s a chance that you might have a Nexus, but there’s just as big of a chance you’ll try out another OEM maker’s products. You judge by quality and features, not by who is making it or what skin it has on it.
  • You own at least a few Android accessories, such as T-shirts, figurines, etc.

Signs you might be an extreme fanboy:

  • You have a tattoo of Andy the robot anywhere on your body. And/or you consider your phone more important than your kids, girlfriend, wife or whatever have you.
  • You tend to call anyone who doesn’t have your EXACT point of view by the name “Apple fanboy”.
  • You can name every ROM, Android version and root app — but you can’t remember your birthdate.
  • You believe Android is perfect as is, and that no other mobile operating system has any positive features or attributes. They all suck and there’s absolutely nothing Google could learn from its competition, Android is king. Long live the king!

Samsung fanboys

samsung galaxy note 4 vs galaxy s5 quick look aa (5 of 7)

Oh boy, here we go. Samsung fanboys tend to come in several different flavors. Some are great guys and gals, others take things a bit too far. Which are you? Here’s some signs you are a Samsung fanboy:

  • Plastic is fantastic. You are perfectly fine with Samsung’s design choices, no complaints at all. Though if Samsung switches to metal, that’s okay too. Ultimately, you just like Samsung’s hardware and build quality, regardless of what materials they use.
  • You only buy Samsung phones and consider anything else to be second rate.
  • You like Touchwiz, or at the very least enjoy many of its added features. You tend to defend against the complaints that it is a bloated mess.
  • You even use many of Samsung’s less popular apps.
  • You recognize the fact that Samsung is the number one player, and one of the main reasons Android is successful today.

Signs you might be an extreme fanboy:

  • You say stuff like “Samsung IS Android”, believing all other OEMs are awful. You also tend to take offense at the idea of stock Android.
  • You tend to call anyone who doesn’t have your EXACT point of view by the name “Apple fanboy”.
  • You believe that Samsung is more important than Android, meaning you’d gladly consider a Tizen phone, if a globally available high-end flagship ever surfaces.
  • You believe Samsung can do no wrong. Period.
  • You have a deep disdain for Apple fans that goes way beyond any other mobile fanboy group.

Apple Fanboys

iphone 6 and 6 plus drop test aa (23 of 27)

This one is going to probably cause the most stir. The Apple fanboy. And we’re talking about ‘real’ Apple fan boys, not general mobile enthusiasts that get called an Apple fanboy because they disagree with any of the other types of fanboys mentioned above.

Here’s some signs you might be an Apple fanboy:

  • You won’t touch Android. Apple is supreme, simple as that.
  • You don’t mind the restrictions placed on iOS and Apple hardware. Apple probably knows best anyhow.
  • You are known for saying something similar to the following: “I choose Apple because it just works. I want something simple, not just an OS for nerds”.
  • You tend to look down at Samsung, calling it a cheap copy.

Signs you’re an extreme fanboy:

  • You regularly call people Samsung fanboys, fandroids or similar.
  • You believe Android is a cheap copy of iOS, ignoring the fact that iOS has taken many features from Android in recent years.
  • You tend to believe that Apple invented everything.
  • You say stuff like “Android is for poor people”.

Don’t be a fanboy

iphone 6 plus vs samsung galaxy note 3 quick look aa (15 of 20)

That is far from every type of fanboy group around (Microsoft fanboys, the one or two Blackberry fanboys left, etc), but you get the idea. Now I want to make this perfectly clear: There is nothing wrong with being a fan of Google, Android, Samsung or even Apple, but you don’t want to be a stereotypical fanboy. Even if you happen to prefer one brand or ecosystem over the other and fit into some of the stereotypes found with a particular fanboy group, it’s important to recognize that competition is a good thing.

Hopefully the reason you like a particular brand or mobile platform over the other is because they’ve proven themselves to be the best match for you. But let’s not become blinded by our choices. As time passes, another OEM (or even an OS) could better match what you’re looking for, and there is nothing wrong with that.

For those wondering, if I had to choose a fanboy group to identify with it’d be the Android fanboy group, though I do rock a Nexus 5 and tend to favor Google services and stock Android. Of course I also own a Moto 360, a Dell Venue 8 and plenty of other Android goodies. If you had to pick, what ‘fanboy’ group would people be most likely to label you as, or which of these groups do you most identify with, given your mobile preferences? What do you think of the ‘fanboy’ culture, do people take their mobile choices too seriously in your opinion? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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