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Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 waterproof?

Can it survive splashes, dunks, or nothing?

Published onJanuary 23, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 selfie camera
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

We never intend to get our expensive new device wet, but life can sometimes have other plans. All it takes is a clumsy fumble while filming a fishing trip or a sudden downpour that soaks you through, and your phone is exposed to the elements. It isn’t the most exciting factor about the latest handsets to hit the Android phone market, but we’ve looked at the question of whether the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is waterproof.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 waterproof?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has an IPX8 rating, which means that it is indeed waterproof. Or, more accurately, it’s as waterproof as smartphones come. It would better be described as water-resistant.

The “IP” stands for “Ingress Protection,” while the “X” indicates that the phone either wasn’t tested for dust resistance or it doesn’t offer it. The “8” refers to the water resistance and means that, in theory, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 can survive being submerged in water to a depth of around 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. Any deeper than that risks water getting in, and high-powered water jets may also cause issues.

There are a few factors to bear in mind before you start throwing your phone around at the beach. Firstly, this testing refers to submersing the phone in freshwater. That’s not to say that the phone would stop working the minute it comes into contact with salty seawater or chlorinated pool water, but these are unknown quantities. Any time that you get the Galaxy Z Flip 5 wet, you should turn it off immediately and carefully dry it out.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is as waterproof as smartphones come.

The IP rating also refers to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in the optimal condition it is in straight out of the box. Normal wear and tear naturally deteriorates any of your devices, and that includes its ability to repel water. So the longer you have the phone, the less faith you should have that it can survive a soaking. The bottom line is that you should generally avoid getting your phone wet at all where possible. Remember, water damage is usually not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

There are steps you can take to further prevent the Z Flip 5 from succumbing to a watery demise. Avoiding extreme temperatures, especially heat, is a good idea as that could affect the seals of the device. It’s also always prudent to consider buying a case for your Z Flip 5, which has the added benefit of reducing fall damage if you drop it.

In any event, this IP rating should be reassuring to prospective buyers, and it’s no small feat from Samsung. The surge in popularity of foldable phones has brought exciting new innovations but also challenges to manufacturers, as phones that are on a hinge are naturally harder to waterproof than a compact slate like the Galaxy S23. We expected that the Z Flip 5 would be waterproof, though, as its predecessor had the same IP rating.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
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The IPX8 rating of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 means that it should work fine in the shower. But as discussed above, that’s according to its theoretical water resistance. It’s advisable not to get the phone wet at all where possible.

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