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New iOS 18 leak reveals how Apple's AI will transform Safari and Siri

Could it be time to call the iPhone, the AI-Phone?

Published onMay 3, 2024

AirPods Pro 2nd generation Siri iPhone
Lily Katz / Android Authority
  • A new report sheds light on specific AI features Apple may roll out in its next iOS update, improving core apps like Safari and Siri.
  • On-device text analysis seems to be a major focus, potentially enabling features like quick website summaries and smarter Siri interactions.
  • Apple’s commitment to privacy remains evident, with the report suggesting that much of the AI processing could happen locally on your device.

The buzz surrounding Apple’s major AI push with the iPhone 16 series and iOS 18 has been building for months. Now, we might finally have a first look at what we can expect from Apple’s AI deployment.

In a detailed leak, Apple Insider has revealed key details about the AI-powered upgrades that Apple is planning across its core iOS applications. These updates, aimed at Safari, Spotlight Search, Siri, Mail, and Messages, promise to elevate the user experience while preserving privacy — a key factor in Apple’s AI strategy.

According to the report, a major feature in Apple’s AI development is a lightning-fast, on-device generation of complete sentence responses. The ‘Ajax’ LLM reportedly analyzes text input at incredible speeds, offering multiple potential replies ranked by accuracy and relevance.

Text analysis will be a cornerstone feature, with the built-in LLM identifying keywords and phrases for succinct text summaries within both Safari and Messages. Apple’s upcoming Safari 18 update may introduce a new ‘Intelligent Search’ feature that would allow users to generate concise summaries of web pages.

Apple’s AI model also demonstrates remarkable integration with the device and its apps, identifying contacts mentioned in a text and pulling relevant information from the Calendar app to craft contextually appropriate responses. Siri will likely benefit from this, as it will be able to analyze Messages content and potentially offer simplified summaries or responses.

Of course, more complex tasks like creative text generation or in-depth text analysis might still rely on some cloud processing, which aligns with previous reports of Apple exploring partnerships with OpenAI and Google for the same.

Apple Insider further reports that even within testing environments, the software shows a clear dedication to user privacy. The company aims to minimize cloud-based processing, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected.

It’s anticipated that Apple will formally unveil these AI-powered features at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) later this year.

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