Instagram introduced a new feature today called Mute. As you might have guessed, the new setting tweak lets you curate your feed by muting certain people and brands you follow. You’re still a follower of those people and brands, but they won’t clog up your feed.

According to Instagram, the feature is rolling out “over the coming weeks” to all users.


When you mute someone you follow, you will still be notified of comments or posts you are tagged in. If the person has their account set to “private,” you will still be able to view their feed. The only thing mute does is prevent that person’s posts from appearing in your personal feed.

To mute an account, tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of a post. When the pop-up menu appears, you can choose to mute just that user’s posts, or mute both their posts and stories. You can also mute posts and stories by pressing and holding on a story in your tray, or from a profile.


This is a terrific feature that will enable you to cut out some of the people on your Instagram list who maybe post a little too often. It’s pretty annoying when you’re scrolling through and you have to sift through 48 selfies of one person that all look pretty much the same.

Recent updates

Instagram update lets you buy stuff without leaving the app

May 3, 2018: The payments feature lets Instagram users add their credit or debit cards, set up a security PIN, and buy stuff without leaving the app. One of the first businesses to support the feature is dinner reservation app Resy, though Instagram said additional businesses will support the feature over time. Eventually, you will be able to buy things like movie tickets through Instagram.

Instagram lets you upload your Stories all at once

April 24, 2018: Instagram not lets you upload multiple pictures and videos to your Story at once. You can up to 10 images or video files to your Story and re-order them to make your Story. Instagram will automatically suggest location tags for your Story media by using timestamps and geolocation.

Instagram now lets you ‘regram’ public posts to your story

February 7, 2018: Instagram is rolling out access to a new regram feature. Essentially, you can share and add public feed posts from other users to your story. As you can see from the video here, not only can you resize it, but you can also edit it by adding stickers or drawing on it before posting. Of course, you have the option to disable others from sharing your posts in the app’s settings.

Instagram adds support for Type Mode to add text-only posts in stories

February 1, 2018: You can now posts stories with just text with the new Type Mode. You should see “Type” next to “Normal” under the record button within Instagram’s camera app. You can then simply tap on the “Type” option to start writing whatever you want for your story post. You can customize that post with a variety of colored backgrounds, along with different choices for fonts and sizes.

Add GIF stickers to Instagram stories

January 25, 2018: GIF stickers can now be added to any photo or video in your Instagram story. Just tap the sticker icon and click the GIF option to check out a range of animated stickers from bouncing letters to dancing cats that can now be added to stories.


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