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We asked, you told us: Most believe HUAWEI did nothing wrong

Most side with HUAWEI as the government hasn't provided the public with any evidence of foul play.

Published onJune 1, 2019

HUAWEI CES 2019 booth Logo

HUAWEI has had a very rough two weeks. After being placed on the U.S. Entity List, major companies like Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Arm, and others have stated they will cut ties with HUAWEI if it remained banned by the government.

The company currently has a permit to work with U.S. companies through August, but that could easily expire before America’s government reverses its decision. So we decided to ask you, do you think HUAWEI deserves its ban? Here’s what you had to say.

Do you think the ban on HUAWEI is fair?


As you can see, over 50 percent of the 7,000 readers who voted in this week’s poll believe that HUAWEI doesn’t deserve its current ban. Taking a look at the comments, it appears that most feel this way because the U.S. has yet to provide any evidence to the public, proving that HUAWEI is a national security threat.

Several commenters shared how they could see why the U.S. government could block HUAWEI from providing 5G infrastructure due to fears of foreign interference, but blocking the entire company is unfair. In their opinions, allowing consumer products such as smartphones and laptops shouldn’t be a problem.

Despite these results, 23 percent of the voters believe that HUAWEI deserves its current ban. According to them, HUAWEI has a long history of clashing with foreign nations and has too strong of ties to the Chinese government.

Noteworthy comments

Here are some of the best comments from last week’s poll explaining why they voted the way that they did:

  • Only if we get proof that they are actually spying
  • I think in the grand scheme of it all, it’s fair. However, I think the rationale they gave is quite bogus.
  • Edward Snowden had more proof that the US government spied on Americans than what they told us about HUAWEI. If China would really want to spy, they would infiltrate other brands that do manufacturing in China since it would pass even more covertly.
The HUAWEI controversy timeline: Everything you need to know!
The HUAWEI logo.
  • I don’t see Android has anything to do with national security. Instead, I see this is a dirty way to block the growth of a company.
  • As a HUAWEI phone user, I have to disagree with the ban on its phone business. If the actual communications infrastructure is at risk I do not know, but ban that part, not the phones and laptops. Trump has already said that when a trade deal comes HUAWEI will most likely be part of it, so apart from the communications bit this sounds like a negotiation tactic to me
  • None of us know enough of the details to have a valid opinion. That said, a Chinese company, subsidized by the government and sworn to provide whatever that government requests, may not be the right partner for building our communications infrastructure.
  • That’s it for this week, everyone. As always, thanks for voting, thanks for the comments, and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the results below.

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