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How to unblock someone on Instagram

Blocked someone on Instagram and changed your mind? Here are our steps on how to unblock them in just minutes.
May 14, 2022

If people are giving you a hard time on Instagram, the block button might be your best friend. It’s an easy way to keep someone from seeing your profile, posts, and stories. Of course, if you change your mind down the road, you can always reverse your decision. Here are the steps you’ll need to know for how to unblock someone on Instagram.

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The overall process is straightforward. You can unblock users either by searching for their profile and tapping the Unblock button or by navigating through your Settings tab.


Method 1: Search for the blocked profile

We’ll start with the search method, as it gives you more individual control over who you unblock. Start by opening your Instagram app, then follow these steps;

  • Head over to the Search tab and enter the name of the profile you want to unblock.
  • Tap on the user’s name when they pop up in the search results. This will open their profile.
  • Where you would typically see a Follow button, you will now see a button that says Unblock, tap on it.
  • Now tap Unblock when it appears. If you have second thoughts, you can also choose the Cancel option.

If you did everything right, the process should look something like this:

There’s not much to this method, and it certainly gives you complete control over your search results. Up next, we’ll hop into the Settings menu to show you an alternate way.

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Method 2: Use the Settings menu

While the first method makes it easy to track down and unblock any user on Instagram, this method lumps all of your blocks in one place. Just like before, you’ll have to start by opening the Instagram app. This technique will not work on your web browser, as the options are slightly different.

Simply follow these steps, and we’ll be on our way:

  • Open the Profile tab in the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Head to the top right corner and open the hamburger menu.
  • Go back to the bottom of the app and tap the Settings button.
  • In Settings, select the Privacy tab with the lock icon.
  • Now, you should see two subsections — Interactions and Connections. Head down to Connections.
  • Open the Blocked Accounts menu.
  • Find and select the user that you plan to unblock.
  • Tap the Unblock button, which is where Follow would generally be.
  • Confirm your decision with the Unblock button.

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If done correctly, your menu progression should look something like this:

There you go, a second, slightly longer way to unblock Instagram users. Don’t be afraid to wield your newfound power as often or as little as you please; while there are ways to see who has blocked you, most people will be unaware.

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