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The best Apple AirTag alternatives: Never lose your keys again

AirTags are great, but you might like the competition better.

Published onMay 6, 2024

Samsung SmartTag2
MSRP: $29.99
Check price
Excellent for finding lost items
Location history tracking
Long battery life
Built-in hook
Smart home button
Requires a Samsung Galaxy phone
Only uses Samsung phones for remote tracking
No cross-platform unknown tracker alerts
Tile Pro
MSRP: $34.99
Check price
Sturdy design
Operating system flexibility
Simple button controls
No anti-stalking features
Limited water resistance
Chipolo One
MSRP: $25.00
Check price
Free and automatic out of range alerts
Doubles as a camera remote
Clean and fast companion app
Challenging to replace the battery
Limited ringtone options
One Spot only comes in black
Cube GPS Tracker
MSRP: $29.95
Check price
GPS tracking
Provides location history
Requires subscription
Limited software
Finicky geo fencing
Cube GPS Pro Tracker
MSRP: $99.95
Check price
GPS tracking almost anywhere in the world
1-year battery life
Attaches to things magnetically
Requires a monthly subscription
Pretty large
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
MSRP: $19.99
Check price
Nicely priced
Takes advantage of Apple's network
No monthly plan needed
Replaceable battery
Made for iOS, though you can use the Android app
Pebblebee Clip
MSRP: $29.99
Check price
Nice design
Small and portable
Available for both Android and iOS
A bit on the pricier side
Less reputable brand

Apple AirTags are great for iPhone owners, but what if you’re an Android user? Or even if you have an iPhone, what if you want a third-party option? When considering Apple AirTag alternatives, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Which devices does the tracker support?
  • How small of a tracker do you need?
  • Do you want smart home integration?
  • Will your tracker be somewhere it can get damaged?

Once you’ve thought that through, we’ve tested and selected the very best AirTags alternatives to help you keep track of your belongings. Keep reading for our top recommendations.

What to look for in an AirTag alternative

Apple AirTags are the most popular Bluetooth trackers, but it isn’t hard to find suitable alternatives. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around.

  • Compatibility: Apple AirTags are only compatible with iPhones. There is some limited support for Android, but it is mostly for finding trackers around you, not for tracking your own units. Some alternatives, like Samsung’s SmartTag, have similar limitations. Others, like those from Tile and Chipolo, are platform agnostic.
  • Form factor: Most AirTag alternatives are designed to fit keys and other small items, but others feature other form factors. Some are longer, and others are thinner. However, you often trade battery life or other features for smaller form factors.
  • Tracking ecosystem: One of the most essential features of AirTags is Apple Find My app compatibility, which means millions of phones worldwide are helping to find your device. Only a few alternatives share this feature, with most drawing from installs of their own apps, or, in the case of Samsung, the phones it manufactures.
  • Waterproofing: Some AirTag alternatives feature IP67 water resistance, which is a nice bonus if you plan on using them outdoors. However, this doesn’t mean they should be used for swimming or submerged in water for any period of time.
  • Pricing: Most Bluetooth trackers land around the same price point, although third-party options are typically a bit cheaper. If you want greater savings, buying sets of trackers will work out significantly more affordable, and extras can be gifted to friends or family.

The best Apple AirTag alternatives

Without further ado, let’s jump right into your best options if you don’t want to use Apple AirTags.

  • The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 is the best option if you’re a Samsung user. It’s closely integrated with the platform and tightly connected to Samsung’s network.
  • The Tile Pro is an excellent option if you want an AirTag alternative that is very durable. Tile is also among the most popular tracker makers outside the big brands.
  • The Chipolo One is simple, functional, and affordable. It also happens to have a really loud volume.
  • The Cube GPS Tracker is a much more advanced tracker that features GPS. It requires a paid subscription, but you won’t find better tracking in other alternatives.
  • The Cube GPS Pro Tracker takes things to the next level, offering the same GPS features, but with added powerful magnets for attaching anywhere.
  • The eufy Security SmartTrack Link is the best affordable alternative for iOS-only users.
  • The Pebblebee Clip is small, discrete, and has a great battery life. It’s also available for both Android and iOS users.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 is best for Samsung users

Samsung SmartTag2
Samsung SmartTag2
AA Recommended
Samsung SmartTag2
Long battery life • Built-in hook • Smart home button
MSRP: $29.99
The best Bluetooth tracker for Samsung phone users.
The SmartTag 2 works just as well for finding misplaced nearby objects as it does for remote tracking of lost items.
See price at Amazon
Samsung SmartTag 2

For anyone with a Samsung smartphone, Samsung’s own Galaxy SmartTag 2 is by far the best choice. Much like Apple’s option, it’s tightly integrated with the company’s ecosystem, which makes the experience seamless for Galaxy owners, but locks everyone else out of the fun. It’s also only compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings, and Samsung devices running Android 11 or newer, with at least 3GB of RAM.

With that out of the way, we really enjoyed using the Galaxy SmartTag 2. In fact, it’s better than the AirTag in some ways. For example, battery life is estimated at 500-700 days, which is much higher than Apple’s 365-day average. It also has cool features like the ability to find your phone with the tracker. Bluetooth range is also much better at 120 meters, unlike the AirTag’s 10-meter range. Not to mention the simple things, like the built-in keyring hole.

We know many of you are worried about the network. Of course, this is one of Apple’s biggest strengths. There are iPhones and iPads pretty much everywhere, all of which help locate your AirTag. Samsung is another very popular manufacturer, though. While our tests proved the AirTag could definitely be tracked better, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 didn’t disappoint. The location was updated every couple or few minutes.

We also had a great experience with the close-range location features. Using the Augmented Reality mode, we could find the tracker with directions up, down, left, or right. It worked flawlessly during our review of the SmartTag 2.

Of course, price matters. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 has a $30 price, which is pretty much in line with the $29 AirTag.

What makes it stand out

  • Easy-to-replace battery: This uses a CR2032 battery, which is cheap and easy to find in stores.
  • Huge install base: Samsung phones are everywhere, and all of them will help track your SmartTag.
  • Great range: This device’s Bluetooth range extends to an impressive 120 meters.
  • Excellent battery life: A single battery can last 500 days, or 700 days in battery-saving mode.

The Tile Pro is the most durable AirTag alternative

Tile Pro
Tile Pro
AA Editor's Choice
Tile Pro
Sturdy design • Operating system flexibility • Simple button controls
MSRP: $34.99
It has everything you love in a Tile, cranked up to the max.
The Tile Pro kicks everything you love about the Tile Mate into high gear. It's louder and built to last longer, with a metal frame. The controls are as smooth as ever on either iOS or Android, and you can still replace the battery with ease. If you want a loud, ecosystem-agnostic tracker that's built for adventure, look no further than the Tile Pro.

If you want a tracker that’s ready to take a beating, we recommend the Tile Pro. The durable metal body is built for adventures and has an IP67 rating to prevent water damage. Despite this, it still uses a replaceable battery. The standard CR2032 cell will last roughly a year before needing replacement, and they’re easy to find. It also comes in a lot of attractive colors, although we did find that the white version gets visible scuffs and scratches quite easily. If that bothers you, opt for a darker color.

We weren’t sure about the Tile Pro’s form factor at first. It’s longer and thinner, which makes it more awkward to place in some spots. However, it fits much more comfortably on a keyring alongside house keys and car fobs than the more square designs found on other trackers.

One of the most significant selling points of the Tile Pro (and all Tile trackers) is that they’re fully cross-platform. Unlike Apple AirTags or Samsung SmartTags, you can get full functionality regardless of your phone. However, without tracking baked into devices, the install base for phones capable of helping you find your device is much smaller.

Speaking of tracking, Tile claims this model has a range of 400 feet, but we struggle to see how that’s possible, considering it doesn’t support UWB. Expect much more limited coverage if you live in an area with trees, houses, or literally anything but flat plains. We did like the inclusion of a QR code on the back, though. This makes it easy for anyone who finds your Tile Pro to get your contact information to return it.

We’d be remiss not to mention the other massive downside of the Tile Pro: a subscription service. While it will work just fine on its own, Tile Premium costs $3 per month or $30 per year and adds a few more features. For the Tile Pro, this includes smart alerts that trigger automatic notifications when your Tile Pro is far from you or in a new place. You also get a worry-free warranty, unlimited sharing, a 30-day location history, and up to $100 in device reimbursements if the tiled item is not found. If you want even more protection, the Tile Premium Protect costs $100 a year, and it increases the item reimbursement to $1,000. At the end of the day, this isn’t that much money, but we did find it annoying since some of these features are included on competitors for free.

While the Tile Pro is our top pick from the company, the Tile Mate ($19 at Amazon) is also worth a look. It has many of the same features, but isn’t nearly as durable and has a quieter ringer. The Tile Slim ($27 at Amazon) is similar but shaped like a card to slip into a wallet or jacket easily, and packs a whopping three years of battery life. Finally, the Tile Sticker ($19.99 at Amazon) is the smallest of the bunch, with an adhesive pad on the back. This is our least favorite of the bunch since the adhesive struggles to stick to anything but the smoothest of surfaces.

What makes it stand out

  • Ecosystem agnostic: This works with iOS and Android devices from various OEMs.
  • Exceptionally durable: The hard metal body can take a beating, and features water resistance.
  • QR code: A QR code on the back makes it easy for people to return your lost Tile Pro.

The Chipolo One is a solid alternative pick

Chipolo One
Chipolo One
AA Recommended
Chipolo One
Free and automatic out of range alerts • Doubles as a camera remote • Clean and fast companion app
MSRP: $25.00
The Chipolo One is here to add some color to the world of black and gray Bluetooth trackers.
The Chipolo One may not have the big name, but it stands tall in a crowded market of Bluetooth trackers. It offers a pop of bright color, a simple design, and plenty of free features. Best of all, you're not trapped on either iOS or Android. If you want a truly flexible Bluetooth tracker, the Chipolo One should be near the top of your list. The Find My-powered Chipolo One Spot is a fantastic AirTag alternative too.

There are many item tracker creators beyond heavyweights like Apple, Samsung, and Tile. Chipolo is one of the few that stand out from the crowd — both for sheer value and for embracing new technology.

The Chipolo One is well-priced, and no features hide behind subscriptions. For example, the aforementioned out-of-range alerts are included free of charge. It also doubles as a remote camera shutter for your phone camera.

We were surprised by how loud the Chipolo One is, producing 120dB of sound to find your device even in noisy environments. The two-year battery life is above and beyond what other trackers offer, but this does come at a cost. The battery is not replaceable, so you must buy a new tracker when it runs out.

Like Tile’s offerings, the Chipolo One works with all phone manufacturers, although tracking is even more limited. Unless you opt for the newer (and slightly more expensive) Chipolo One Spot ($28 at Amazon). The Spot works with the Apple Find My app, but only on iOS, and you get to enjoy a large number of Apple users to help you find your device. If you’re a fan of Google’s ecosystem, you can also get a Chipolo One Point ($28 at Manufacturer site), which uses Google’s Find My Device app.

These all feature a replaceable battery, though, so they’re a great AirTag alternative, regardless of whether you want to stick to the Chipolo, Apple, or Google network.

What makes it stand out

  • Affordability: The Chipolo One is a cheaper AirTag alternative for the masses.
  • Volume: This little tracker is capable of putting out some serious sound for noisy environments or the hard of hearing.
  • Two-year battery: This has excellent battery life, but it comes at the cost of a replaceable battery.
  • Versions for both major networks: Available for Google’s Find My Device and Apple’s Find My.

The Cube GPS Tracker is the best AirTag alternative with GPS

Cube GPS Tracker
Cube GPS Tracker
Cube GPS Tracker
GPS tracking • Inexpensive • Provides location history
MSRP: $29.95
Track your items no matter where they're hiding
The Cube GPS Tracker works just like Apple AirTags — on steroids. The built-in sim card tracks movement at all times, so you can find and track your lost items or pets no matter where they are in the world.

AirTags work well in densely populated areas, but coverage will plummet once you move away from other people with iPhones. If you’re looking for an AirTag alternative that works (almost) anywhere you go in the world, the Cube GPS Tracker is worth a look.

As the name implies, this device features a built-in GPS, with its own SIM card. This means that you can find your device as long as there is cellular coverage nearby. To conserve battery, it only activates when it detects movement outside of a determined area, which translates into anywhere from 10 to 60 days of tracking. Cube’s software also provides tracking history, so you can see where devices were headed, even after they lost cell connection.

Despite this, it’s quite small and compact. It measures about 1.5 inches by 2.75 inches, which is small enough to slip into any bag or suitcase. Note that this isn’t really designed to track your keys. It’s more for high-value items like a car or camera bag. The straps on the sides are also perfect for attaching to a dog collar if your pets are prone to running away.

Now for the downside: the Cube GPS Tracker requires a subscription. It starts at $16.50 a month if you get an annual plan, or $20 per month with no commitments, which is far more than you’d pay for simpler AirTag alternatives. Also, it costs $100, which is quite expensive.

What makes it stand out

  • GPS tracking: As the name implies, this has its own SIM card capable of finding your device almost anywhere.
  • Subscription model: Monthly subscriptions are annoying, but if you only need tracking for a short time, this works out much cheaper than alternatives.
  • Location history: This feature allows you to see where your device has been, not just where it currently is.

The Cube GPS Pro Tracker takes GPS tracking to the next level

If you like the idea of the Cube GPS Tracker, but want a bit more out of your GPS tracker, the same manufacturer also offers the Cube GPS Pro tracker. It is much larger and heavier, but the bulkier design comes with its benefits.

It comes with strong magnets, so you can attach it to any magnetic surface. Battery life is also extended to up to a whole year, which is pretty impressive for a GPS tracker. And if it helps your case, this one costs just as much as its smaller brother. It’s $100.

The subscription downside doesn’t change, though. The plan starts at $16.50 a month if you get an annual plan, or $20 monthly with no commitments.

What makes it stand out

  • GPS tracking: As the name implies, this has GPS and its own SIM card, capable of finding your device almost anywhere.
  • Subscription model: Monthly subscriptions are annoying, but if you only need tracking for a short time, this works out much cheaper than alternatives.
  • Location history: This feature allows you to see where your device has been, not just where it currently is.

The eufy Security SmartTrack Link is the best affordable tracker for iOS users

eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
MSRP: $19.99

All other options on this list of the best Apple AirTag alternatives are great, but none are necessarily affordable replacements for the AirTags. And very few target Apple users specifically. The eufy Security SmartTrack Link offers a cheaper alternative to those who want to stick to their iPhones and Apple’s Find My network.

The eufy Security SmartTrack Link costs $20, and it is made by Anker, a very popular smartphone accessory brand with plenty of community trust backing it. It uses the same Find My app you already know and love, and you can get a lot without the need for a subscription.

You’ll get free left-behind alerts, the ability to share items with family and friends, a loud alarm, and water resistance. It also works worldwide, as long as there are Apple devices nearby. And if you happen to be an Android user, you can still take advantage of the eufy Security SmartTrack Link using the official app.

Additionally, if you want a card form factor, there’s also the eufy Security SmartTrack Card ($29 at Amazon).

What makes it stand out

  • For iOS users: Many of these trackers are great, but they aren’t really made for iOS users. And the few that work with Apple, don’t offer much compared to the actual AirTags.
  • Affordability: The eufy Security SmartTrack Link is cheaper than AirTags at $20, and they work just as well.
  • Loud alarm: You won’t miss the alarm on this tracker. It’s said to be louder than Apple’s.

The Pebblebee Clip is a great option that works on both iOS and Android

The Pebblebee Clip may not look like much at first sight, but it is one of the best Apple AirTag alternatives simply because of its official support for both Apple’s Find My and Google’s Find My Device networks. You can’t get access to both networks in one device, though. You’ll have to purchase one with support for your preferred network from the get-go.

The Pebblebee Clip isn’t the cheapest at $30, but it has plenty of great things going for it. Aside from support to both leading platforms, you also get great features. My favorite is the fact that this tracker has a rechargeable battery. I don’t know about you, but I find having to purchase batteries very annoying, regardless of how long they last. Additionally, Pebblebee claims a single charge can last up to 12 months.

It has a loud volume, and even integrated a built-in LED light for finding things in the dark. It’s IPx6 water-resistant, and Bluetooth can reach as far as 500 feet.

The Google Find My Device version is available for pre-order and will launch in late May directly from the official website. And they have been in this state of limbo for quite some time now. If you’re interested, you can also go for the Pebblebee Card ($29.99 at Amazon) or Pebblebee Tag ($29.99 at Amazon). They all cost the same.

What makes it stand out

  • Available for both iOS and Android: Many of these trackers are great, but they aren’t really made for one platform. Pebblebee trackers are available for both Apple Find My and Google Find My Device users.
  • Rechargeable: No longer do you have to go around buying batteries. Pebblebee trackers are rechargeable.
  • Long battery life: Aside from being rechargeable, Pebblebee claims this tracker can last up to 12 months on a single charge.


Most Bluetooth trackers do not work with Apple’s Find My app. However, some can. These include the eufy Security SmartTrack Link and the Chipolo One Spot. Additionally, Google recently opened up Find My Device to other trackers, and the Chipolo One Point works with it.

If your tracking app can’t find it, your best bet is to wait and see if another phone detects it nearby. If you lose your phone, we have a separate guide for that.

Some Bluetooth trackers feature rechargeable batteries, and others need replacement batteries. Others are only good for a single charge, and require the entire tracker to be replaced once the battery is spent.

Unfortunately, the risk of stalking is present with all Bluetooth trackers, but Apple and Google have joined forces. Now, you will get notifications on both Android and iOS devices if an AirTag is following you.

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